Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cluttered or creative?

This is my desk! Actually, this picture could almost be an entry into the Self Portrait Tuesday thing. At the very least it is a picture of the inside of my brain.

No matter where I have lived I have needed to have things up around me. Whenever my friend Jayne came over to my house when we were teen-agers, she would sit in the middle of my room and just look around her at all of the things on my walls. I love inspirations. If I could have a job that involved collecting inspiring and lovely creative things and sharing them with people, I would be happy going to work for the rest of my life.

"Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, colour, sounds, and work that nourish you." - Sark


Laini Taylor said...

Hi Meg!
Your workspace seems VERY organized to me! That picture of my "writing space" on Alexandra's blog is really just my kitchen table, where I write because my art studio is currently unbearably messy and the thought of cleaning it is too overwhelming. It's on the list of things to do after I've finished my novel, along with other glorious fun things like taxes!

Have a great day!

Jamie said...

Creative, creative, creative! It is a great self-portrait! You could also include it in the Flickr group, Corners of my Home that Claudia at chestofdrawers introduced me to.

And I SO think you should invent that job, Meg! It seems tailormade for you.

And thanks for your post today. You are absolutely invited to my dance party. And if you can't make the flight all the way to Toronto, please promise that you'll boogie in your living room on the appropriate date. And make your beau join you!

chest of drawers said...

What a wonderful place to sit and write! I love the quote, I want to paint it on my wall! And look at the wonderful beach you have to go walking and collecting, LUCKY MEGG!

tara dawn said...

What a wonderful thought! I used to keep a bulletin board hanging in my room that was covered with great quotes, my favorite pictures, notes from friends, and anything else that served some purpose in the journey of my life. Somewhere along the course of my many moves, I have abandoned the bulletin board. Perhaps with a new move coming up in a few months, I will reinvent my own world of inspiration. Thanks for sharing this.

johanna said...

Hi Meg,
Can I post a picture of your room at home the way it still exists today? What about the sun and stars?
Good blog!! Love

Blue Dog said...

A job that involves collecting inspiration and sharing it with others sounds incredible! And I love getting a peek into your creative workspace--it looks like a great place to work!

Alexandra S said...

Hi Megg,
I just wanted to tell you that I as well am coming to visit you here every day as well. I just was on the phone with Laini saying how glad we are to have connected with you, a kindred soul. Thank you for the SARK quote, whose books I truly cherish beyond words. I noticed the Louise Hay deck on your desk. I'm quite fond of her as well. Have you seen the card deck called Healing Cards by Caroline Myss? Those are by Hayhouse too and quite beautiful. Keep writing please!
p.s. linking to you this weekend!