Saturday, October 20, 2007

hello there!

We're back!!

(We were actually back on the day before yesterday but required some time to re-boot the system before I attempted anything coherent!!)

Canada was wonderful! We managed to see nearly everyone I am related to. (At nearly 100 people, that is no easy feat!) But they were kind enough to have big family reunions while we were home, so it was easy! In fact, I also managed to spend some time with my oldest girlfriends too! Now that I sit here and think about it, I saw A LOT of people over the last two weeks!

When we arrived we stayed over night in Brampton so that we could visit my Oma and our possible wedding venue with my parents the next day. And I am so glad we did because we booked our wedding for next October!!!! (weird!) It's going to be at a conservation area that does sustainable energy education programs. The food is all Canadian and "realistically organic" (heh heh heh) and any profit that they make from us goes straight back into programs at the site. We are keeping our fingers crossed for "sunny and warm" for next October because we hope the ceremony will be outside under the fall colours!

Then we had family reunion number one, and then we went to the Norwood Fair (the second photo of the taffy pulling) with my brother and sister-in-law and our niece (the cuteness in the picture at the top!)
THEN we went to a cottage for the middle week with my parents. It was very rustic, very relaxing and very cold. Both Mark and I went swimming, we all went canoeing, I slept and read in nearly equal amounts, and we ate lots of barbequed food. Despite the body count (one mouse and one worm) it was a great few days!

It's strange to be back here again. Even though the flight was only 8 hours, we were traveling for more than 18. When I walked in, I couldn't rest. I needed to fuss and open the doors and windows and unpack. I always feel like our house shifts a little while we are away - like it begins to slide away from us - and I need to make a little noise and bustle to bring it back to us again. I always feel like things are in a different place from the way I left them. I can't explain it any better than that. I've forced myself up early this morning and it feels like it's all back in focus again now.

Sigh! So that's where I've been. I'm feeling quite jet-lagged still, but excited about our year ahead. On Thursday I turn 33!! In less than two months I will be back again for Christmas. A year from now lots of things are going to be different! When I turned 30, my friend Karen gave me a card that said that 30 was going to be MY year. I didn't believe her. But for some reason that card has been haunting me over the past few weeks. I hear it whispering at me. Yes. You know what? I think that maybe it's THIS year that will be MY year!

So how have YoU been???


Maggie Ann McKinney said...

October is a wonderful wedding month! I am getting married the 27th of this month, under the fall colors (as you said). I wish you nothing but happiness in your future year of planning and basking in love! The time before the actual wedding is a wonderful journey in itself.

Jessie said...

wow, megg~ jetlag or not...this post is incredibly ENERGIZED!! :) i'm so glad that you got a chance to SWIM and read and sleep and just generally drink in some of the goodness of your homeland.

the writing i'm doing these days (for my thesis) all revolves around "a sense of place" and how we define home (and ourselves), but also how that definition shifts through time and circumstance. i believe that we each have a place where our spirit feels most deeply connected with. when i read your words about being home or abroad, i always feel a very deep connection with you. you are someone who understands this profound sense of love and connection to a place--and, for some reason, this is oddly comforting to me.

i'm sending you lots of love. now rest up! ;)

Tori said...

Welcome back Megg!!! I hope that you continue to share more stories of your trip. It sounds like a fabulous place to get married. I have been thinking of you and hoping that you get rested and settled back in.

acumamakiki said...

Sounds like a fantastic vacation and a lot of fun for the coming year.

Colorsonmymind said...

Oh girlie-can I tell you how happy I was to see your gorgeouys doe eyes in a pic here:)

I am so happy you got to be with family!
I hope my package arrives in time for your bday.

Love you!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i'm so glad you're've been missed...but i am glad you enjoyed yourself...and booked the wedding venue...WOO-HOO...after artfest i'm going to start saving my pennies...and get myself a passport...

daisies said...

:) how wonderful you sound and what a fabulous trip!! you sound so happy and energized, it makes me smile!! xox

ceanandjen said...

Today is Thursday...which means it's your BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy happy birthday to you!

Welcome home and so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time and that you were able to spend time with so many people.

Hope your day was wonderful today!!!


Anonymous said...

My birthday girl Meggers!

I DO think that this is going to be your year. So many wonderful things ahead :) I'm so happy for you!! You deserve every ounce of it.
xoxoxo karen

Marilyn said...

Thursday, the 25th?! You share a birthday with my best friend from high school. Happy Belated Birthday! (Personally, I think 33 is a GREAT age.)