Sunday, February 24, 2008

back home to me...

"A thought held long enough and repeated enough becomes a belief. The belief then becomes biology. Beliefs are energetic forces that create the physical basis for our individual lives and our health." - Christiane Northrup, M.D.

A little while ago I had an idea. Within moments of accepting the idea I was visited by a messenger telling me to do it! I, of course, procrastinated. I have been feeling extraordinarily powerless in my life lately. It makes my throat ache to write that, but it is the truth. So I haven't started even though I know it is exactly what I need to do. This week my body has rebelled by giving me a long, lingering case of hives and an IBS attack.

I took this photograph in a cathedral (where I wasn't supposed to take pictures!) These steps are made of stone and you can see how many people have walked up them by how worn they are. It's actually quite difficult to climb them now without slipping a little. The interesting thing about these steps is that if you move just a little bit to the right, the step is unworn and quite a lot easier to climb. I watched for a little while, and everyone still climbed up the worn bits. It's the path that seems the easiest, and the path that everyone else has taken, so it's where they all go.

Well, I have decided to step to the right. Inspired by this, and this, and a scene from this and the experiment behind this, and by this and these, I have come up with a way of returning to myself.

Starting at the bottom - closest to the earth - I am going to begin to climb back into myself one piece at a time. Today I am going to meet my feet! Today I will have a bath, give them a wash, and then spend a few moments listening to them. I haven't really even thought about them for a long, long time. Then, once I hear what they have to say I will write something on them. I am going to reconnect myself to them and to the earth they connect me to. If it works with water crystals, then I am sure it's worth a try on my nearly-all-water body. I'll let you know how it goes.

"Imagine yourself whole, healed, and deeply in touch with the wisdom of your female body. How do you feel? What do you know in your bones? Nothing is more exciting than knowing that our bodies and our feelings are a clear, open pathway toward our destinies." - Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Starting today I am going to work towards getting all of me on the same side.

P.S. I have just found this. Oh, I would do anything to be there. Wow. How can I make it happen?


Dandelion seeds said...

oh my goodness, that omega institute workshop looks amazing!

your journey is inspiring!!! thank you for sharing it. You know, my feet have been taking a beating lately, it may be time to get back the basics and honor my body, one part at a time.

seriously, you rock

enchantedartist said...

Oh, I love this Megg! I am looking forward to reading every word! Don't you find that our poor little feet get sorely neglected?

I have all of Dr.Northrup's books...I'm working my way through. I'm on Mother-Daughter Wisdom right now. She has turned many a lightbulb on in my head.

That workshop looks awesome. I have a feeling those women could teach us how to literally move mountains!

Also, I love that photo of the church can almost see all those people over time walking the path...

I hope you have a lovely day!

GreenishLady said...

You sure have gathered some powerful sources of inspiration together. I love the idea of starting with your feet - grounding yourself is good. I wish you well.

madelyn said...

I need you to write a book so
i am buy it and curl up in bed
and just breathe it all in ~
you endlessly inspire me ~
you have a glorious gift of words and
such a soulful spirit about you:)


happy sunday:)

Chloe said...

It’s so exciting to find someone else who has been deeply touched by Christiane Northrop. After reading ‘Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom’ I will never be the same. Her book is a true catalyst for healing and she has forever altered the way I view my physical and emotional health. I could go on all day about this---that’s how much I loved it! Peace to you on your journey, Megg. I’ll be walking along beside you.

I checked out the Omega Institute event and it looks incredible. I hope you can go.

chest of drawers said...

Remember "The Secret" are on the right track, just keep concentrating on all the good and you will attract more. I can say from experience, the more energy you put into taking care of (and not necessarily "changing") something - be it your body, your home, your relationship - the more these things will shine. I hope you get where you want to be with this.

bee said...

i love these last two posts...the idea of writing on your god, meg, i think i need to do that, too.

maybe someday we'll live close enough to one another where we could have the in-person friendship i'd love to have with you.

(my best friend works at black honey! i'll get an extra coffee for you and drink one with your spirit, k? i love, so much. it's a second home for me.)

really, truly, these were THE POSTS i needed to read today. thank you. for you. for them. xoxoxo

pERiWinKle said...

It makes me excited to hear that you are getting back into 'yourself', one step at a time...

be gentle with kind...and do it with love!

Maybe the 3 of us should do some ritual for 'loving ourselves' when we visit?!

I think so...and a photoshoot? Yes?! (I know it is scary!) :-)

I'm reading a book now...'Writing starts with the breath"...

"Deep writing comes from our bodies, from our breath, and from the ability to remain solid in the places that scare us. It comes from merging with what we are writing - from dissolving our egos so that the real work can emerge through us, without our conditions for success attached to it." (from Writing begins with the breath - Laraine Herring)

I think this not only apply to writing...on Saturday this paragraph spoke to my soul..and my heart...

I'm thinking of you xx

Kirsten Michelle said...

i'm so grateful you've returned to blogland...
to sprinkling your inspiring thoughts, words and ideas...
to sharing your wisdom...
and your love.

thank you, my beautiful friend.
thank you.

Boho Girl said...

oh my goodness! you are so brilliant, baby.

love how you are writing on your feet to manifest the journey ahead. showering them with love and adoration and attention.

that retreat does indeed sound so fricken amazing. i will look into it more.

i love you.

Frankie said...

Megg, I love, love, LOVE this!!!! Reconnecting is SO important, and I suppose I've never really considered reconnecting with myself, especially my physical self. The moment I read this, I thought, "yes, that's exactly right. That's exactly how we find our way back to ourselves." I am so very excited to see what you experience and discover along your journey! I'll be here for every step! xoxoxoxoox

caroline : my pocket said...

Yes! I so agree and I so fall for the walking in the rut trap. Loved this thoughtful post. x

Amber said...

I feel you in all these posts. So brave, and SO cool that you are trying to do this for yourself.

The worn steps in the church... Says So much, right? Wow.

I wish you love and peace on this journey.


Marilyn said...

Talk about starting from the ground up...this is quite simply, brilliant.