Friday, May 01, 2009

a box of me

"Having a vision for our future that differs from our current circumstances can be inspiring and exciting, but it can also keep us from fully committing to our present placement."
- from DailyOm

Today I sit surrounded by boxes and the accumulation of nearly seven years of co-habitation. It's nearly time to move, but we most certainly are not ready! In a strange twist of fate, we are moving to a place that we have never seen the inside of. Thinking back on it I realize I have never moved like a normal person ever before so I'm not sure why it's bothering me this time. I wonder if it is because this time I am moving with a husband and more stuff than just what can be packed into a single suitcase.

I have a small box packed that is marked, "Meg's essentials.' I've been putting a few things in it here and there without really thinking about what's going in. This is the box that will be coming in the car with us. Looking in it now I think it is really telling (and a little embarrassing) about the person I have become. The old me always just carried a lighter, a journal, a purple pen, a camera, photographs and a little bag of stones.

So what does the new me need to feel safe in her new space? My box contains: a journal, several pens, the same little bag of stones, the same lighter, a painted rock that reads "manifest miracles", my ipod, a smudging stick, a bigger camera, slippers, a shawl my Mom knit for me, green chai tea, photographs tucked into the journal for safekeeping, the word YES, and not one, but three books (like I am going to have time to read!) So there it is: me in a box. Surely there's a psychology lesson in there somewhere!

I've just been told that I won't be having a phone or the internet until the 18th of May, so it seems I am about to go on a blogging break. I hope that you will come back and see me in two weeks. In the meantime, here are some other things to distract you:

1. I am guest blogging at Jamie's site on Monday. She's got a whole week of guests, so it should be very interesting. We have all contributed our take on balance (ha ha!)

2. Wishstudio has relaunched!

3. Please check out our new (very new and still being tested!) site. It has been a long time coming and we're a bit nervous about it, but here it is! It's called Randomly Challenged.

4. Tell me, if you were going to move and you had a box marked, "_________'s essentials," what would be in it? What couldn't you leave to the depths of the moving van? What would you need to feel like you in a new space?

See you on the 18th of May! Wish us luck and take good care of you.



Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

In my box will be a large bag of tumbled stones, my camera, my rose petal tea from Paris, my Goddess Guidance oracle cards, binoculars, 2 books of poetry ( one from Rumi, one from Pablo Neruda), my address book, and a Mary-inspired retablo from Peru. Plus 2 cats, so my box will take up any backseat. :)

How wonderful for you. A fresh start! Enjoy your computer hiatus. It's good for the soul.

xo, Graciel

sas said...

I went through this process a few months ago. What an awful business!

In my box was a 1st edition of I Capture the Castle, Neruda's 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair, 3 unread books, an intricately carved pewter box (that houses my mother and grandmothers rings), current journal and spare journal, a radio, a rose candle, my camera. These items were wrapped in clothes and along with two framed prints and two original paintings, shipped to London.

We have now been here for three months. This week, the rest of our belongings which were in storage, will commence their 3 month passage to England. Rex the cat will join us in August.

For someone who has always considered herself a bit of a hobo, I am well and truely in touch with my nesting self these days :)

Best of luck with the move! Top tip: label and number your boxes and keep a list yourself. It will make it so much easier to unpack at the other end.

Lady Quercus said...

The last time I moved I noticed my essentials grew quite a bit as well. They have always included (32 moves later) a Quan Yin statue, runes, a sandalwood carved box, a small rice handmade rice container from when I lived in Thailand, my binoculars, camera and computer. Perhaps most importantly was my bed quilt my mother made. It now would also include some of my husband's carvings, my father's carvings and my hand made wedding quilt.

Are you moving far? I moved from Southern England seaside to the middle of the Kent countryside this year and it has been the best thing for my soul.

Samantha said...

Hi Megg, I love your blog!

Moving. I've done it twice in the last year, so I do wish you luck indeed. I find it throw's me out of balance for quite a while, and 5 months in, I'm still not quite sure where I've stashed certain things.

In my box of "Samantha's Essentials" there is always my 3 small buddha statues, bubble-wrapped; a box of nagchampa incense, with matches and holder, coz this will be the first thing I want to find when I get to the new place; my quartz crystal points and favourite crystal chunks and tumbles, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper!; my tibetan singing bowl; the most beautiful greetings cards I can't bear to part with, that usually go back on the mantelpiece for a while; small silver wind chimes; candles and pretty holders ......

A kitchen essentials box will have Typhoo teabags and my favourite mug.

Once I have all these things around me, and a cuppa in hand, I can feel pretty much at home anywhere.

Don't forget to keep out a pretty vase and pick yourself up an outstanding bunch of flowers. They will lift your spirits if you are weary, and it's a nice gift to introduce yourselves to the new house ~ sometimes new homes take a while to adjust to new occupants.

I hope you will be able to sit back and enjoy your new space on your first evening there. And sleep peacefully in your new room.

Bright Blessings, Samantha x

Rachelle Mee-Chapman said...

#4. framed photo of the kid i left in the States; vintage wind-up birdie; dad's dogtags from '69; my journal; my guitar, my zune, and at least one dreamboard from Tonya

My girlfriend is a linguist and travels endangered language groups all over the world. She always carries two photos, her postcard collection, and the candlesticks her grandmother (also a wanderer) gave her.

Meg -- so glad to have found you via Jamie. Twitter me! We are in the same time zone! (I'm in Denmark.) @magpiegirl

daisies said...

good luck with your move my dear :)

hmmm, my box of essentials would include my laptop, a polaroid or two, one slr (likely the mark II) and a couple of lenses, a couple of books, my journal and a purple pen, my running shoes and some hair bands and most definitely my ipod and cell phone :-) and some lipgloss.

Brandi said...

lol...I'm an expert on the essentials box!!

my journal, a toothbrush and toothpaste, an alarm clock, my blanket, my camera, a few books and pens.

Kel said...

having moved house more times than I am old, this post resonated

my box always contains a kettle and good quality ground coffee, lavender and orange essential oils, and the book of the moment, which never gets read . . .

Jaime said...

Hello beautiful you :)
Moving is such a big job, isn't it? If only I lived closer, I could help you carry boxes.
What would I put in my box? I'm not much different from everyone else here...Most absolutely, definitely, my camera. And there would for sure be some good quality chocolate in that box too. Gel pens of many colours, books, some pictures of the ones I adore, and maybe a bit more chocolate.
Wishing you the best of luck on your move..may it go quickly and smoothly!

City.Girl.Em said...

What is the significance of the stones? I'd love to know! I know what a smudging stick is...tell me about the stones.

City.Girl.Em said...

This also reminds me of the concept of a 'Comfort Box,' something you'd take with you on a vacation or a hospital visit.

I'd have to think about what would be in mine.

pink sky said...

thanks so much for the sweet announcement! loved reading your post on jamie's blog too :) xo

Hybrid J said...

I'm still thinking what I'll be packing in my box ... and I enjoy your post at Jamie's Blog. To make your moving journey a bit more joyful, you just got the Noblesse Award. Yeah! Come to my place to claim it. :)

Leah said...

Hi Megg, darlin! Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I enjoyed your post at Jamie's blog!! Hope you're settling in o.k.!


Anonymous said...

Hi Megg...I feel a bit of an intruder here.
I would certainly carry everything that would remind me of the good old memories...And anything which reminds me of a painful past,i will let it be the past...and will never carry it forward in life.
Happy shifting!

Jeanneoli said...

I hope your move goes well. An essentials glasses, books, a few art supplies, favorite music, mascara:-)

maddie said...

my box would include
my canon AE1, my digital camera,
a polaroid camera (and film)
a moleskin with several colored
pens, a chili~ginger dark chocolate
bar, several packages of green tea,
photo's of my family, books,
and my YES as well

always the YES


I can't wait to hear about your
move dear girl ~ and bring lots
of photo's!

happy moving:)

Anonymous said...

im here after awhile so im a bit lost:
megg where are you going??
altho i think journal, pens, a stimulating book and maybe some cuddles could help me survive anywhere :)