Wednesday, September 13, 2006

thank you.

I was so nervous to write my last post. It kind of felt like walking out of a changing room into a public place wearing my underwear. I am a firm believer in being honest on my blog as I think that that honesty is what is creating the kind of friendships I never thought I could make 'on-line.' But there is a line of sharing that sometimes feels scary. How much do you want to be naked? How much do we want to share?

But you made it safe. You met me more than half way. You made me feel so much better and so much stronger. I wanted to get out my Wonder Woman belt (yes, I own one) and use your words to make a force-field around myself so that I could ignore any other unkind remarks. I wanted to print all of those comments out so that I could carry them around with me and read them whenever the chocolate beckons.

You have made me believe in my good stuff again. Thank you.


Susannah said...

you are so welcome my love :-) we see you, and we love you and we are always here for you... and a wonder woman belt eh? man, i want one of those :-) i'd like some of those groovy bullet-deflecting wrist cuffs too... *swoon*

ps. i'm still serious about rubbing her out... really... just say the word ;-)

sophie said...

It's all good here:)


b/sistersshoes said...


You were worth every good word and more sweetie :)

love ya


Karen said...

YAYYYYYYY!!!!! xoxoxo love you

Jamie said...


And that is SO COOL that you have a Wonder Woman belt! You know, my sister Suzie dressed up as Wonder Woman one year for Halloween when she was just a wee thing, and I still remember how awesome she looked.

Wonder Women of the world unite!

Left-handed Trees... said...

Your questions are true and powerful for me, "how much do you want to be naked?" I think...reading words like yours in the last post--it's a bit like skinny dipping for a shy girl. First one person goes, then another, then another still...when everyone is raw and exposed and still alive--I finally can say, "okay, it's coming off". Thanks so much for sharing your honest was beautiful and inspiring.

Laini Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing that story, Meg -- it gave me a chance to unburden MY story to you in an email, and that is the kind of thing honesty like that can do, it can make us all feel better, and it can make us shake our fists in unison at all the nasty meanies out there. By the way, if your evening was too ruined to buy some sexy knickers, you should treat yourself to some now!

la vie en rose said...

...and you are all good could you ever doubt...

by the way, i received a little card in the mail yesterday and it was the most fabulous little card in the world--the poem, perfect. if you lived across the street from me, yesterday you would have seen me clapping with glee as i opened the opposed to rolling my eyes at all the bills and junk mail which is usually what i do. thank you, thank you, thank you!!! you made my week!!! kisses and kisses and kisses to you!

M said...

Your worth every good word...glad you are feeling better! I too was inspired by you and Madeleine to be honest in my Sunday Scribblings and it felt so good to get it out there and to have all the support come back to me. This is such a wonderful community and I feel blessed to be a part of it.
Where did you get your belt? I think I should invest in one!