Monday, January 29, 2007

lumps and bumps

Can you believe the cuteness?? This is my gorgeous niece again (who I won't get to see until October unless it's through the magic of iChat...)

I have been a bad blogger lately. I feel very wrapped up in boring old me and I haven't a lot to say. Tomorrow I am going in for minor surgery. I have a big lump on my back that the doctors say is a cyst. But there's more to the story.

Last week I went in to have it removed. I psyched myself up, went in, got half-naked. (In this office they don't seem to do the robe thing - in Canada you put on a robe for anything that requires any level of nakedness... weird.) And winced while the nurse put SIX needles into my back. She apologized and told me that she had to get the freezing under the lump so it wouldn't hurt. (?!) So then I lay there - still half naked - and waited for the doctor. When he came in he ummed and ahhhed and looked at my chart and said, "I actually don't do this anymore." (Another doctor at the surgery had told me to make an appointment with her or with him. He's my regular Doc. so they put me with him.) Apparently he now does the injections and another Doctor does the bloody big cysts.

So, furious, I made another appointment with the Doctor who actually does those procedures and left with my lump all bruised and my attitude considerably worse than it was when I went in. I had myself all geared up, you see, and I had already dealt with the 'worst bit.' So tomorrow I have to leave work early again and get my lump removed. I'll let you know how it goes. I wonder if I shouldn't just keep it now that we have been through so much together. Hmmm... but I do so enjoy getting half naked! It's a tough call to make. Please wish me luck?!


Colleen said...

Good Luck with the lump removal Meg!!!! I don't think I would enjoy all those needles in my back either. Since you've bonded with your lump maybe they'll let you keep it in a jar or something. he he ewwwww Enjoy the half-nakedness!!!

liz elayne said...

goodness meg! i hope all goes well. what happened at the doctor's office is pretty wacky though. first no robe and then second "oh i actually don't do these anymore" - cripes. that is crazy.

your neice...well...she is just the cutest! love those gorgeous eyes.

be well...take care of yourself.

Karen said...

Okay, that's some SERIOUS cuteness in that photo. A little redhead eh?? Love it. She's absolutely precious. Love her big cheeks.
On to the bump---BRUTAL!!! AFTER you had been stuck with a bunch of needles??? That's so not fair. Yeesh. I'll send you some loving thoughts tomorrow a.m. (our time!).

Jessie said...

oh, that sucks! but i wish you luck. lots and lots of luck that it goes a LOT more smoothly (and quickly!)than the first time around.

in the mean time, that is one CUTE niece!! she makes me want to plant little kisses on those rosy red, smiling cheeks! :)

deirdre said...

Good luck, I hope it all goes well.

And that niece of yours! Cute, cute, cute.

ceanandjen said...

I am wishing you BIG BIG BIG luck...and a smooth and quick procedure. I would have been a VERY unhappy person had that happened, and quite frankly, I think that I would instist on being covered up! Goodness, it's cold and unfortable enough to begin with.

But enough complaining!!! he he This will be over very soon, and I hope that you will be warm and comfortable!!!!

And yes, your neice is gorgeous. I want to reach through the computer screen and kiss those little cheeks of hers.


Sophie said...

Well that sucks... Hope everything goes fine today. Wish you al the luck in the world.

You're in my thoughts :)

xoxo Sophie

tara dawn said...

Saying prayers for you and sending good wishes your way. I am furious with your doctors just reading this...I cannot imagine how frustrated YOU must be:)
Love you sweet friend,

Frida World said...

Hmm, we don't get gowns in New Zealand either, must be a British thing, but I thought Brits and we, their colonies, were supposed to be prudish about nudity.

I think the whole thing sounds horrible and I wish you an exceedingly smooth and pleasant repeat run to make up for it.

Delicious picture of your niece - I'm going home to see mine in just over a week! Yay!

Meg said...

Lots of thoughts with you, and best of luck with it, girl! :)

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe they did all those shots BEFORE checking what was up!! I would have been so mad.
I hope it goes well, and you are super brave again. You can do it!
Are you going to keep it in a jar on your bookshelf? It would make for great conversation.
Just asking. LOL.


la vie en rose said...

this sucks meg!

melba said...

Thinking of you!


Sophie said...

I will be thinking about you all
day with happy healthy warm


chest of drawers said...

That sounds dreadful! Hope you have it behind you now.

Anonymous said...

That really stinks Megg. I'm really sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. I hope you are now resting and relaxing and that it is behind you. Thinking of you and sending hugs your way.
Alexandra (MM)
I have to log in anonymously because I got tricked into the New Blogger Sunday and now it won't let me log in at all no matter WHAT I do! So frustrated!

AnnieElf said...

Megg, I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, or get goosebumps. A little of all three happened I suppose. How did things turn out?

luzie said...

Good luck with the procedure, Meg. I'll be thinking of you.

(And we don't get gowns at all where I live. Sometimes I wish I really had something to cover up.. a little at least!)

Marilyn said...

Good grief! Hope the procedure went smoothly...after that first nightmarish experience.

Laini Taylor said...

Ooh, Meg, sorry to hear about your cyst! I hope the REAL surgery goes well. I'm sure it will. And they really let you sit there naked in the consultation room in Britain? How funny. Or not funny. I'd feel a bit, er, naked!

susanna said...

Ow and Ouch! Yes, I would have been pretty darn mad, too, if I had to reschedule an appointment after having six needles stuck in my back. Ouch again! Good luck at your next appointment!