Monday, March 05, 2007

Well, it worked!!!

First off, I am sorry that I did not come back and fill you in on how my 21 Day Challenge ended, but that's because it ended with a flash of inspiration! During the last week or so of my challenge the universe began sending me 'prep' signals. (The kind of signs that you don't notice you are getting until you put them all together at the end.) And then a few days ago I had a jolt of inspiration and I started writing. The result of that jolt was that I haven't been able to think about anything else. I have become an anti-social, non-blogging obsessive and I am thrilled about it!

I am a firm believer in fate. I can trace my trip towards my relationship with Mark back through time as far as age 12. Seriously. I can point to decisions I made and relationships I had as stepping stones on the journey. It has really put nights of tears in perspective when I can see now that at the time they were vital to my journey. I have come to believe that every single choice we make is important - either to our own journey or to someone else's. The web that connects us staggers me.

But sometimes, I forget - often, in fact - and I get caught up in the day to day struggles and tears that can fog your perspective on life. I have been caught there lately. I have been making the same choices and the same mistakes over and over, questioning my future and running into the same wall like some sort-of forgotten wind-up toy. Luckily the universe never stops reminding us. It never stops giving us signs and signals if we can just learn to read and notice them.

Shortly before going to Bath I picked up 'The Red Book,' by Sera Beak again for a proper read. I have been savoring it slowly, taking the time to actually do some of the things that she suggests. Slowing down with a daily meditation has been so good for me. I have started paying attention again. When we went to the Roman Baths I was enchanted by the face that had once graced the top of the temple (the picture above.) I don't know who he was supposed to be, but he really captured me. If you look you can see that he has wings tangled in his hair. I am a sucker for secret wings.

So I started paying attention. Things began speaking to me and I remembered them or jotted them down. I didn't see why I was so taken with the image of the goddess Minerva. I didn't see why I was so drawn to another book, or why a story I had remembered from my childhood kept ringing in my ears. Then I was reading another part of 'The Red Book' and this sentence leaped off of the page at me: "And remember, it's not always about the choice you make but, rather, the reasons behind that choice." (pg 115) Suddenly, lightning struck. The pieces fell into place, and I was off.

So, dear readers, I am sorry if I am not here very often, but I am finally writing again and I don't want to stop while it wants to be written. It's making me tingle. It's making me feel nervous - like I shouldn't be the one to write this - and I know that that is a good sign. There is energy there, sizzling away under my fingers and out into the universe. Mark told me last night that I needed to make sure I wrote from my heart and not my head, and he's right. For the first time in a long time it is my heart that is winning the race to get words out. So I don't want to do anything but write them down.

"... when you play small, you are, in essence, denying the divine's grandness." - Sera Beak


Star said...

This is such great news, Meg! I'm so glad all the pieces have fallen into place.

There's nothing better than having inspiration turn into a bubbling fountain that can't be corked. Here's hoping that your fingers can keep up with your heart!

liz elayne said...

oh this is so, so good meg. i love reading this. your enthuasism...fantastic!!! the way you have described how everything is coming together is wonderful.

la vie en rose said...

there is so much energy and excitement in this post! it's contagious!

i'm reading the's been hitting me ways i hadn't expected...there's been a lot of hope...and there's been a lot of grief...some days more grief than hope but that's okay...i think there is a lot i need to let go of and the grieving needs to be done first...yesterday trey and i watched the documentary jesus brought up a lot of grief too...things from my past pulling on me...things that are a part of my story that i'm trying to push away instead of just be okay with...

daisies said...

how absolutely wonderful :)

Tori said...

I can't wait to pick this book up.
It sounds like we both are on a similiar self journey.

Keep writing and sharing your fantastic thoughts!


Colorsonmymind said...

Delightful darling.

Ohhh "you lift me up, you bring me joy..."

you really do sweetness.

I am hoping something for me to read is in the mail?

Loving on you baby doll

Jamie said...


What wild, awesome, inspiring, fantabulous news! May the fates be with you! Enjoy!

Frida World said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!

Tha is exactly the post I was expecting and hoping to read when I came here today.

Go girl go!


Laini Taylor said...

Meg, I'm so happy to read this! It sounds like a wonderful state to be in and I hope you keep writing away. Can't wait to hear more about the project. And a trip to Bath? [Sigh. . . ] That sounds wonderful too!

AnnieElf said...

Beautiful Meg. I was think about writing from the heart just before I got to your account of Mark saying exactly THAT to you. Marvelous realization.

Boho Girl said...

oh honey...i was beaming as i read this. i could hear your sweet voice in the tone of your words.

i have a book called "Awakening Minerva". i think that is what you're doing my friend.

i feel your energy, your passion, your inspiration. keep going...don't stop at the account of us, although, i would love to have a phone date with you. i miss you. i think of you all the time. i miss your doe blue eyes and your warm bosomy hugs.

you are so right about the choices we make on our journey. if i look back, i can see those very same choices that led me to Carsten. pretty wild.

i love you babes...xoxox

ps. someday we'll share a triple triple at Tim Horton's, i just know it!

chest of drawers said...

I have bee seeing lots of signs myself lately and I´m trying to get my head around them and put them into words - crafting is keeping me busy in the meantime.

bee said...

oh, good luck, megg - i love when writing goes well. i'm glad that you are doing it!

Anonymous said...

oh! i am so happy for you!

"i am a sucker for secret wings."

you are adorable, and i hope the muse stays with you....


Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

That is great news! Enjoy this wonderful flow of energy!

Marilyn said...

YES! Yes, yes, YES! You're THERE. (And I am SO reading that book. I remember when you first posted about it. I've been 'too busy'...but I'm going to MAKE TIME.)

Saddam In The House said...

I totally want to get that book but Amazon doesn't deliver to the Underworld! ) :

Boho Girl said...

just stopped here to say i love you, i miss you, i think of you so much and wish i could be with you BAD.


gimmie a bosom hug.

Karen Beth said...

Wow, I'm really excited to find a copy of The Red Book now. Since seeing your mention of it here, I've looked around online and it seems like something that I would really get a lot from. So, I'm off to find a copy!

Thanks for the book suggestion and for the inspirational post today. :)


Karen Beth :)