Monday, May 21, 2007

My Big Blogging Break

"Love who you are and what you do. Laugh at yourself and at life, and nothing can touch you. It's all temporary anyway. Next time you will do it differently anyway, so why not do it differently right now?" - Louise Hay

Where I am/ where I have been - A List.

1. I have been writing. This has been overwhelming because the more I write the more my projects fill me. If I ignore the urges and I don't write in the day, I can get on with my life quite easily. If I get up and write in the morning, I can't seem to stop. I find myself scribbling on any scrap of paper I can find, making notes, writing all day long. It frightens me and I can see why I stopped writing in the first place.

2. I am also overwhelmed by my need to change. I have been trying to work with the Law of Attraction, but I have so many things I want for myself (healthy weight, published book, successful website, clean house, good relationships) that I feel tightly stretched over my life. I feel like I need to pick one at a time to focus on, but none of these things can wait. I get so excited about all of my possibilities and I can't get focused on just one. It's tricky.

3. I have been going to work. It's been hard. I am in desperate need of a holiday!! Luckily I get to spend this weekend with a dear friend!!

4. I have been trying to cook more. I always get flack because I don't cook very often. Mark cooks almost every meal. He is an astounding cook. I am not. I have been known to cry when faced with putting a plate together. I call this picture, "Why Mark Cooks." I was making Cottage Pie & this is our kitchen. Yeesh.

5. I have become addicted to Nutella. I put it on ginger-oat biscuits. This is not good for the healthy weight portion of my goals. (I am slightly horrified to see that it has a website. Should I be?)

6. I am forcing myself to wait to read the new Joanne Harris book. I LOVE her writing. 'Chocolat' is one of my favorite books and this is apparently a follow-on from that book. I have it sitting right beside me on my table as I type. It's calling me. It's tempting me. But I am not allowed to read it until I have written five days in a row. I realized after making that vow that I am going away this weekend, so I am going to have to wait until next weekend. Sigh.

7. Please accept my apologies if I do not come here very often. My job takes up so much energy that when I get home I don't have very much to give, and I need to give it to my goals. I'll let you know how my visit goes this weekend!! YAY for mini-breaks with friends!!

8. Here is a little beauty for your life. Go here to make one for yourself - it's fabulous!

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Dreamer Girl said...

Have a wonderful time!!!

I'll be thinking of you in hopes that good vibes help you reach your goals. I so know what you mean by having to many and wanting to do it all. sigh


Star said...

I love that you're delving deep into your writing. Go for it!

And yay for you getting to spend the weekend away with S. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

About the Nutella...I've never been brave enough to try it. I'm afraid of the addictive potential there and feel if I never stick my finger in the jar I might be better off.

Cate said...

Oh, Meg, all of your words resound with me--feeling like once you start writing, you cannot stop; feeling overwelmed by how tightly you're stretched; knowing that no matter how much you'd like to write for your blog, you have to focus your energy on your goals.

Yes, yes, yes.

Wishing you so much in all that you are pursuing. Your writing inspires and comforts . . . xo

P.S. I have the greatest cook book, "How To Cook Everything" by Mark Bittman. Elegant recipes that are sooooo simple! I highly recommend!

Jessie said...

i could just hang out with these words for quite some time and be really happy--mostly because it just feels good to know that someone in the universe is experiencing the world in a similar fashion as me. i can understand your thought processes here to the nth degree...but the best part is that, in reading this, i can just feel the FULLNESS of your life. i am rooting for you, my dear. one thing at a time. i have a feeling that you are going to realize ALL of your goals. i can feel it in your words.

Melba said...

Hi sweet Megg,
I know what you mean by wanting to do so much all at once! Sometimes even though I am ready and willing and able I freeze!
I wish you Movement and Joy!

I hope you have a lovely Holiday.


Tori said...

I have checked your blog regularly to see if you have been there and I am so happy to see you now!
I have been thinking of you often and am appreciative of the update that you shared.
Be well and know that your blogger buddies are thinking of you

Anonymous said...

1) I must apologize first because I am not logged on. I am working and shouldn't really be blogging but can't help it...sigh!

2) I can't believe I am reading somebody with so much of a peculiar in common with me:

a. The Secret
b. J. Harris
c. The kitchen ( hee! hee!)
d. The blogging break
e. The fear of change
f. The daring to be brave..
g. teaching
h. scared but knowing everything will be okay...
i Miss Potter

3) I'm going to read a bit more now..You're writing gives me comfort:>

Lady Lux



Amber said...

Well, I miss you, but I am happy you are writing.

And number: One. Thing. At. A. Time.


AnnieElf said...

Work can be draining, sometimes more than others. And sometimes something just has to give. We will keep peeking in.

ceanandjen said...

I hope that you are S are having a wonderful time together! Despite the madness,it does seem like you are indeed accomplishing some amazing things, which is so wonderful!!!

Much beauty to you as well!


Jamie said...

Hey, darling, how wonderful to hear your voice. When you're a sensitive, creative soul, I think it is entirely normal to practice walking that line between inspiration and overwhelm. Trust yourself. You will find your way.

Anonymous said...

It is so great to know that someone else is feeling stretched! I want to send pics of Hayleigh, where can I send them?

Goddess of Leonie said...

hey sunshine...

it makes me smile when i see someone not blogging... coz i know they are LIVING :)

and bless you for your writing, even when it scares the shit out of you. you know, i do the same thing?
i hide from it incase it takes over my life... but i'm starting to think that i can do balance... and everything will work out just beautifully anyway.

many blessings to you,
another crazy~messy chef

Colorsonmymind said...

Ahhhh baby-you speak so many truths that are the same for me.
I truly understand...even though I miss you.

You are close to my heart always.
I loved seeing the beautoful pic of you with Sus.
You are amazing-lovely one
Hugs and kisses
love you

Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

I really relate to this post. Here is to fighting for the space to just be and enjoy what we do! Hugs ~