Thursday, June 28, 2007


"Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city." - Anatole Broyard

I wanted to wait to write this until I had spoken to a few people on the phone but with the time difference, that has proven tricky so I just can't wait any more.

Rome was amazing. If Paris is the city of love, then Rome is the city of passion! Everything about it just seems robustly alive. This energy coupled with the surrounding antiquity takes the breath away. We had a marvelous time. It was extremely hot so we would get up early and see the sites and then go back to our flat for chilled wine and olives and cold cold showers. Then we would venture out after dark for Gelato. If you ever go to Italy and don't have Gelato I will find and slap you. Divine.

We got up at 5am on our last morning. It was just dawn and we made our way blearily to the Trevi Fountain. On previous visits we found the fountain crawling with tourists and we wanted it to ourselves. When we got there we were alone (except for one policeman.) Mark took a few pictures and then we sat on one of the benches for a moment and then he got down on one knee and proposed!

So we are officially engaged! People have been asking us for details already but we don't know anything except that we are enjoying being engaged for now and we'll deal with the details later!!



Laini Taylor said...

Yay yay yay yay!!! I'm so happy for you! What a beautiful way to get engaged! I'm so thrilled for you both. GOOD JOB, Mark! WOOO HOOOO!

Colleen said...

Ooooooh so exciting!!!! We got engaged on a secret weekend trip too... ours was just Toronto though! I had a funny feeling that was what was up!!! Sounds like it was amazing!!!! Congrats to you guys!!!! Enjoy being engaged!!!!

Goddess of Leonie said...


what a superb, splendid, sublime, love~soaked announcement!!!

brightest of blessings to you both ~

GreenishLady said...

Congratulations! That's such a romantic gesture! Yes, enjoy the moment. I'm delighted for you.

PS.. word verification is "smenita". Sounds like something you might eat in Rome.

ruby said...

oh my! congratulations to both of you!!!

Kirsten Michelle said...

dear megg,
i'm not sure how i wound my way through cyberspace to find you...although as i quickly glance over your favourites i can see we've got more than a few in common...but i've had you bookmarked for a while, being a fellow canadian and all and totally in love with the idea of life by the sea.
i should have commented a couple of weeks back when all your fingers were busy plugging holes and you were in need of a little love and support, but i didn't.
then, when i read that mark was taking you away...i thought, her englishman knows exactly what she needs... and i was going to wish you a wonderful time away, but i didn't.
when, i read your post today...i thought, today is the day i'm going to post a comment to say "congratulations!"
i couldn't be happier for you!!!
wishing you blessings on your day, megg :-)

deirdre said...

Oh, Congratulations! And so romantic too. Sigh, Swoon...Wonderful.

liz elayne said...

such wonderful news! congratulations to you both!

(and how perfect and sweet)

dreamergirl said...

What great & romantic news!!



Tori said...

I am so glad that this trip was amazing for you.

Cheers to your future.

My best,

Susannah said...

oh my, does it get any more romantic than that eh??? CONGRATULATIONS, baby doll, this is such gorgeously gorgeous news :-D i'm saving my pennies already!! xxoo

chest of drawers said...

How romantic is that!!!!! I am very excited for you both, lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

Frida said...

Wonderful, romantic, gorgeous and happy news. Thanks so much for sharing your joy. I'm smiling to tips of my toes.
Enjoy every little bit of the glow and the goodness.
He's a smart man.


Star said...

Congratulations! He had it in the plan the entire time you were there...sweet. Best wishes as you dip your toe into the planning phase :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Meg,
I am such a total mushpot so I am sitting here smiling and teary-eyed at the same time. YAY for both of you!! Our hugs and kisses.
Love, Mike, Sue and Hayleigh

Heather said...

Lovely! Great post, and congrats from a lurker! I promise to have gelato in Rome some day in honor of your engagement.

daisies said...

how beautifully romantic : ) congratulations !!!

Kerstin said...

Oh wow, this is fantastic, and so romantic, too! Congratulations, Meg! And I do agree about the gelato :)

luzie said...

oh that's fabulous news, meg! what a wonderful way to finish off that trip. congratulations!! :)

Amber said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That is SOOO romanitic. *SIIIIIIGH*

Congratulations to you both. I am happy for you, because you can hear how happy you are in your words here! :)


Boho Girl said...


you two gorgeous people have me swooning over here. i heart you two and am in love with this engagement story.

i am so happy that you have such a romantic partner for life. ROME. *sigh*

love & miss you, meggie.


Marilyn said...

Congratulations!!! And Rome...(sigh)... ;)

ceanandjen said...

Oh my goodness...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This trip sounds like it was divine.

I am very happy for you!