Sunday, January 13, 2008

just read the quote at the bottom.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” - Franklin D. Rooosevelt

So I almost did it again. I almost wrote another post about self-help books and being where I want to be and blah blah blah blah blah.

Hear this now: I will not write another post about NOT being where I want to be or about how I am ready to start getting there. I am only going to write posts about how I am getting there.

I subscribed to the 'be gentle on yourself' and the 'you're okay just as you are' modes of thinking for a long time. The problem with those modes is that they keep you warm and cozy and justified in your RUT. Then I read "The Secret" and thought if I just thought about something enough that it would happen. The problem with that is that you are still stuck in the rut but now you are stuck in a huge pile of delusion at the same time. If you pay attention hard enough when you read any of the cosmic ordering stuff, they actually mean that you need to think about what you want, never doubt that you will get it and then get off of your ass and work hard for it.

"I have been and still am a
seeker, but I have ceased to
question stars and books; I
have begun to listen to the
teachings my blood whispers
to me."

-Herman Hesse


Ladyv said...

awesome post!
your thoughts reminded me of a part in 'eat pray love' (i'd be shocked if you hadn't read it!) when she speaks about how happiness is work....about how we need to stay strong, work hard at noticing what keeps us in place of happiness!

just recently i took yet another step out of former 'rut' by realizing that it had become a comfortable place to be, to be not quite happy. enough o' that!

its time to make change happen!

Sarah said...

I think focusing on the DOING and BEING and actually MAKING the steps you need to make is a wonderful things. There is truth and wisdom in the DOING. Thank you for this post. I think sometimes people can get stuck in the planning phase, the good thoughts phase, the visioning phase. And those places DO have intense power for moving us ahead to where we want to be, but there's nothing like the Wisdom that comes with DOING to actually get us there. Bravo for focusing on right NOW.



Tori said...

It is amazing how when I read your words it is like they are coming from my heart. I think it is brilliant to focus on writing about HOW you are moving forward. I thought of you when I ordered a Geneen Roth book this past week. I think I need one of my own for close reinforcement right now.

Kerstin said...

You speak from my heart, Megg. Ever since I chose the word "DO" as my theme for this year, I am witnessing a lot of DOING around the blogosphere. Go figure :) And reading posts like yours reaffirms to me that getting off my butt and starting to DO all the things I think and talk about is all I ever needed to do. So simple really, isn't it?

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...


caroline : my pocket said...

Yes, dreaming and then working for it. You've got to feed the plant, make sure it's watered, protected and harvest the fruits, not just throw a seed on the ground. I am the dreamy, be gentle with myself kind so I really need lists and milestones for this year. Thank you for the inspiration :)

Dandelion seeds said...

yeah, i was got an icky feeling when trying the 'be gentle with yourself' train of thought on for size.

not because I think I should beat myself up or that other's should.

but as you said, I think it keeps you where you are alot of time if you are not willing to tack on the 'oh, and there's work to do also'.

rockin post.

pERiWinKle said...

During December my father in law said: "he has learned not to trust his feelings, as they are like blankets that you pull over you''...and with that statement, I felt alive. I realised that I was taking every feeling I had, honoring them...feeling them...embracing it felt good to honor them...I also felt as if I took each and every feeling and pulled them over me like a blanket...and sleeping under and in them...

His words made me realise what I've been doing..and I could sneek out my hands...and started pulling the blankets down...which are feeling great...thinking of you xx