Saturday, March 15, 2008

YES! YES! YES! (updated!)

I found this on Sera Beak's blog and HAD to share. I haven't felt so good for AGES.



This is the link to the movie. (It's only playing in a few places. There is a place on their website where you can help them get more screenings of the movie!!)

UPDATE: I just found this too:


Susannah said...

YES YES YES!!! if i had a daughter, she'd be at that camp every year - probably with me headbanging on the sidelines :-) SO powerful!

caroline : my pocket said...

Yes! Why are girls taught to apologise for their existence? Thanks for the link, brilliant. x

chest of drawers said...

Where was this camp when I was young???If there had been atleast a few people around me telling me I was great back then, it may not have taken me so many years to realise!

Claire said...

Cool cool COOL!


Kirsten Michelle said...

Oh, this is so brilliant. I can totally see my brown-eyed girl rockin' out at a camp like this!!!
Thanks for the link, beautiful. Have a fabulous weekend ;-)

Jessie said...

omg, and i went to german camp??? i would have enjoyed rock camp sooooooooooo much more!!!!!

ROCK ON, SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and happy day right back atcha! :) nice long email headed your way soon.

mccabe said...

i just love this.
it made me cry.
girls need this.

thanks megg!!!!!

mccabe x

Laini Taylor said...

Meg, this IS awesome! My niece went to Rock Camp in Portland (I think it is the original one) last summer, and she is signed up again this summer. It truly is an amazing experience. We went to the final performance not expecting to be blown away but we WERE. And it is about so much more than just rock and roll. I didn't know there was a movie. Yay!

liz elayne said...

i remembered laini talking about this camp and how wonderful it sounded...but to get to peek into the changing experience like this - that is fantastic!
thanks for sharing this meg! this made me smile with joy and hope!

Boho Girl said...

totally crying and laughing simultaneously.

thank you for sharing this!
i might do the same on my bloggie to get the word out.


girls rock.

Aiste Guobyte said...
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Ladyv said...

oh meg. that was exactly what i needed today.
to wake up and be reminded of how important it is to step into our own power. it speaks right to the inner teenager in me!
i totally cried too!
i'm super hopeful it will show in my city.
much thanks to you for sharing

Dandelion seeds said...

oh, I am too overwhelmed to say what I really think of this movie. this movement.

just big love.

Frankie said...

YAY! Hip Hip Horray!! ROOOOOAAARR! Girl power!!

I was shouting all of these things :). I love this! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

madelyn said...

oh i LOVE this soaring
film ~ i must absolutely must
find it now:)

thank you so much for this...


Frida said...

I remember Laini telling us about her neice going to this and being totally impressed by it. We need one in NZ - I might get some of the rock chicks I know to put their thinking caps on...

Thanks for the reminder!


Schmoops said...

thank you so much for sharing this! i want my little girl to go here and get her roar on!


Anonymous said...


dreamergirl said...

i shed tears of recognition, laughter, and so many other feelings when i first saw this.

thanks for sharing this
you rock

enchantedartist said...

I too, got so teary watching this. How many of us have been silenced? This is just awesome...on so many levels! I am the mom of a little girl who ROARS! I don't ever want her to feel she needs to be quiet and be a 'good' girl.

Girls DO rock!

Marilyn said...

I saw that trailer the other day, too, and was telling my 10-year-old niece about it at Easter dinner. I want to take her to see it.