Saturday, April 12, 2008

one year and one month later...

"You were made and set here to give voice to this, your own astonishment." - Annie Dillard

Does anyone remember that scene in Romancing the Stone when Kathleen Turner's character is finished writing her book? There are tissues everywhere and her hair is slicked back and everything around her is generally in a state of chaos? She sits back and for just a moment the look on her face is calm. She's done.

My Mom reminded me of this scene this afternoon when I called her to tell her THAT I FINISHED WRITING MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I giggled because I feel just like that. Mark has been away this weekend and I have been a woman possessed. I have hardly eaten, I haven't washed and there are dishes and clutter everywhere. But it's DONE. It's DONE. The words are echoing in my head. I can't really get my head around them.

Creation is a messy business no matter how you look at it, and I need to go and sort out the mess I have left behind this weekend. I've been so far down and so far up this week I don't know where my head is anymore. BUT it's DONE. I have written my book. It is there in black and white. No matter what else happens, I did it.

I've just spoken to my parents and one of my peeps and I am going to try to get my head together with a glass of wine and a bath full of sparkly bubbles.



Ladyv said...

wow meg!
you are amazing!!!!!
congratulations! big time!!!!

have a wonderful bath and bubbly!

Kerstin said...

I still remember when you first mentioned your book on here, all the doubts, set-backs, and the emergence back into it. This is wonderful! Congratulations, Meg! Can't wait to see it in the bookstores some day SOON :)

chocolate covered musings said...

wow. three cheers for you.

i really hope you enjoy the bubbly and the bath.
well done on such a wonderful wonderful achievement


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! i'm so happy for you!!

Susannah said...

I'M SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!! :-D xoxoxox

dreamergirl said...

whooooooohooooo that's just so freakin' great!!! You go girl!! :D

This is rather inspiring...both the writing the book and the drinking the wine + taking a bubble bath ;)

much love to you

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Isn't that the best feeling EVER??? I raise my glass to you!

Mr Pineapples said...

Meg.....saw that you finished writing your book. Great...but arent there already enough books in the world?

Seriously - what is the purpose of birthing another book child into the world?

Why do you write?

George Orwell (he was an Enlgish writer ...not as good as Joh Grisham...but quite good non-the-less...have you heard of George?)...anyway George Orwell explained the reason for him writing was to make the world a different place...and to promote baseball as a game for men..and not just for the girls.

Meg...why do you write?

Colleen said...

Yay!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!! Looking forward to picking it up at Chapters very soon!!!! :o) When you're on your book tour will you let me cut in line for my autograph? Wishing you all the best. Congrats!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do tell more. Do you have an agent? What is the story about? Where do you go from here?

GreenishLady said...

Well done! Congratulations! What a wonderful thing to have done.

Jaime said...

Wow!! Congratulations!!! That is such a huuuugggeee accomplishment! It must feel so amazing.
You are such a wonderful writer...I can't wait to find this new baby of yours on the bookstore shelf!


Frankie said...

Megg, I've been gone for so long I didn't even know you were working on a book! I gasped in astonishment and awe. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! This is SUCH an amazing accomplishment and I hope you are giving yourself major pats on the back and hugs and jumps for joy. You are WONDERFUL! Hip Hip Horray!!


chest of drawers said...

I can´t wait to read it!!!

Karina's Pen said...

Congratulations! Writing a book is such a long and painful yet fulfilling process...I know, since I'm in the process of doing that myself! You must feel so great! Good luck!

Kate said...

Great Job, Congratulation's, I have never gotten past the first draft so I applaud your perseverance. Way to go.


She Who Flies said...


I wish you many blessings with it, but for now, relish in that sense of achievement :-)

And what a great post to read as I'm just starting writing "my" book.

She Who Flies said...

Great to hear you're thinking of moving to Bath. Between Bath and us, it was a "love at first sight" thing ;-)

I haven't yet blogged about the book I'm writing, but might soon. It's still at the seeds, tendrils and buds stage ;-) but ideas and images are flowing...

Heather said...

Congratulations Megg - can't wait to see it in print!

daisies said...

wooooooo !!! how wonderful is that :) yay you ~ you must feel like a million dollars : ) xo

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

woo-hoo! you totally rock girl! i'm sitting in my chair in my office at work doing a little happy dance for you!

Mr Pineapples said...

Meg. as the only Male person on this blog - I ask the question:

"Meg...why do you write?"

What is your book about?

Is it a story of love and romance -perhaps unrequited love of the third degree: dark handsome man (Italian origin) - meets poor lonely gal from Mid-West America....romances her....takes her for a bowl of linguine then suddenly dumps first she is distraught...but with the help of a few pals down the pub..she rises in her spirit...tells handsome man to take a running jump(oily and shallow)....then finds new/true love with a librarian.

P loves those sort of books.

"Meg..why do you write?"

k2 said...

i randomly found your blog after reading boho girl's this afternoon. i'm working a book myself and have been having major (MAJOR) writer's block/self doubt/self hatred/laziness. it's been a dark couple of days around here and i smiled when i saw the first entry on your page. GOOD FOR YOU. The sincerest congratulations from a complete stranger.

enchantedartist said...

Oh Megg!!! Congratulations!!! I can hear the pride and joy in your words.

Wishing you fantastic success...and waiting in line to read it! :)


pERiWinKle said...

will congratulate you in person in a few weeks...:-)

Shall we celebrate! ? xx

Tori said...

You are amazing and so inspiring!
Enjoy some R&R

Jamie said...


You rock, girl!

Sarah said...

Found you through a series of links too long to recount, but I wanted to say, Congratulations of the highest degree!!! I just finished the first draft of my novel, and it's so much fun!!!

Frida said...


That is the most exciting, inspiring, awesomely impressive thing I've heard all week.

You seriously do rock. I am motivated!

caroline : my pocket said...

Yaay!!!! Congratulations!! I SO know that feeling of creativity just putting everything else on hold and you're possessed, that's exactly how it is. You either do it completely or not at all. That is so wonderful, can't wait to hear what your book is about, weee!! xoxo

mccabe said...



mccabe, who is in awe.

Kirsten Michelle said...


a little late...
but heartfelt all the same, my love!!

much congratulations!!!

sending big hugs and lots of love,