Friday, April 04, 2008

It's coming!

We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” - e.e.cummings

Six months from TODAY I will marry my best friend! This picture was taken (by me if you can believe it) while we were at the Colosseum in Rome last June. Mark took me to Rome for a long weekend as a surprise and proposed at 5:30 am in front of the Trevi Fountain. Could he be more romantic? I don't think so.

Six months to go. I'm going to be a bride... I'm going to be a MRS!!!

I feel like I have a lot to do in the next six months. I don't want to go into the rest of my life dragging any baggage. I want to stand beside him as whole and healthy as I can be. I want us to be full partners. I am madly in love and I want to use my energy to take us forward into our dreams instead of worrying about boring things like weight and guilt.

Six months to go.

I can't wait!


Colleen said...

Yay!!!! Hard to believe it's only 6 months away! Try to relax and enjoy your final months as a Miss. :o) You've got a big bright happy future ahead! (The romantic best friend types are the best)

Ladyv said...

how wonderful meg! i'm so excited for you. i also love that you want to stand beside him as your best self!

Karen said...

I can't wait either!!!! SOOOOO SOOON!! And on top of it all we even manage to force Johnny to have a visit across the pond!
xoxo (although I was kinda hoping to be forced to make another trip your way!!)

Anonymous said...

oh, i'm excited for you megg...and i love that you are so committed to your mental/physical/spiritual/everything health before the wedding. :)

daisies said...

: ) this makes me smile!!

Jaime said...

Oh wow!!! Congratulations!!!
How abundant life feels when you are madly in love!
May the next six months bring you self discoveries, sweet epiphanies, and dreams come true.
I am so happy for you :):)

Jessie said...

I love seeing photos of the two of you together! :) Vinny and I went to Rome for our honeymoon. Oh, and we yearn to go back! I am so excited for you and have a feeling that you will have a very long and happy marriage.

the six months will go quickly. heck, 60 years will probably go quickly! love is an interesting and wonderful thing. it amazes me how many ways there are for 2 people to grow together.

much love to you!

mccabe said...

that is wonderful!!!
you seem so happy, vibrant, and centered...
truly working from your heart chakra.

with love
mccabe x

Colorsonmymind said...

oh wonderful photo, quote, and darling you will stand there full, whole and free....I can feel it.

love you

Tori said...

This is so exciting! I too, got married in September :)
There is nothing more incredible than marrying your best friend.

caroline : my pocket said...

Yay!!! What a precious time, to become whole. What a sweet photo that is, it's like you're looking at your life together... :) xoxo

Dandelion seeds said...

the last six months prior to my wedding was overwhelmed wtih wedding details.

I didn't start the next stage of internal work until after the vows.

but I did it beside my best friend and inside my marriage.

not such a bad thing :-)

Amber said...

It is gonna FLY by, dollface! :)

oxox :)

enchantedartist said...

I love what you say about wanting to use your energies 'to take us forward into our dreams.'

I found the months preceding our marriage to be some of the most wonderfully memorable ones of my life.

I hope you have a magical time planning...and making dreams come true.


madelyn said...

thank you sooo much for that
incredibly fabulous quote ~
and your picture of you and
your beloved is so sweet ~

i am so excited about your
wedding ~ you live in the same
area as a lot of my family by the


i love weddings

(hint hint)


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

ahhh...and you will be such a beautiful, beautiful bride...