Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big Things are a Comin'!

Inspired by this:

And because I am participating in this:

I am also going to try to do this:

Because I have a LOT to get done and a LOT to do and I am going to use these three things to focus on the things that I am determined to get done. (And because making art scares me and I want to Be Brave!) November's going to be intense!!

Oh, and P.S.... YUM!!


Vivienne said...

this is wonderful meg!
i think i'd like to join in making art every day next month!

and what a smart idea to bring a playful focus to what sounds like a mighty intense (or should i say productive) month ahead!

daisies said...

this is all so fabulous honey, yay you!! xo

Leah said...

so glad you'll be joining in, meg!!

congrats on your wedding!

pink sky said...

what fun! enjoy every moment. xo

Jamie said...

Woo hoo! November's going to be a blast!

Anonymous said...

Be brave, you will do great!