Sunday, December 14, 2008

The story of two butterflies.

"What you focus on appears."

Once upon a time, when I was living in Kingston, Ontario and going to teacher's college, I walked into a small bookstore and bought these two cards. I often buy pretty cards and then use them as art rather than sending them. Most of these cards eventually end up being put into my Anything Book or my Inspiration file. For some reason these two have followed me everywhere since. I have had them up - side by side - on every wall of every room I have lived in since 2001.

They say that what you focus on appears. A few days ago I was brushing my hair and I looked over at the wall where I have put up some photographs and other treasures. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at those butterflies. They HAD appeared - several times - in my life over the past year. When I asked Laini to design our wedding invitation, I knew that we were going to have wings, but I didn't really think about which ones. When her gorgeous art arrived, I was delighted, but I didn't make any connection.

When Lisa agreed to make our beautiful wedding cake and said that she wanted to make it like our invitation, I remember thinking how beautiful her drawings were and then how stunning and unusual the cake was. I still didn't make the connection.

When Kirsten Michelle sent me her incredible photographs of the wedding, I was so grateful to her for such beautiful images of our day. (The last two photographs are hers!) I was glad she captured such important moments. I remember cutting the cake with Mark and then jokingly holding up the sugar butterflies and having our picture taken. I STILL didn't really make the connection.

For eight years I have been looking at these two butterflies and not really thinking about them. I have appreciated how pretty they are and have thought about whether or not it was time to take them down and decided it wasn't time yet. For eight years I have semi-consciously been focusing on them. But they have been there to be focused ON. And sure enough, they appeared.

I am sure that the Universe was struggling with that one. "She wants butterflies? A blue one and a monarch? Hmmm..." But sure enough, with enough time and enough concentration, they appeared. And just like the two that I have been dutifully placing side-by-side since 2001, they were side by side; and they were beautiful.

So I hate to break it to you folks, but what you focus on appears. It may not be on purpose or in exactly the form you expect, but it appears. And if you are not clear, you might get unusual results. As for me, I have put up a few more things that I want, but this time I have been a bit more specific. I have also decided to consciously look at the images a bit more often. I don't have eight years to wait for my other dreams! But I have learned my lesson! I get it now. I am just glad that I got to learn it with wings that were on my wall and not the monkeys!


P.S. I DID IT!! I put my money where my mouth is. I sent off my first proposal package to an agent!! Fingers crossed please!


iGoddess said...

by the 2nd paragraph in, i was already laughing because i could see where this was going.

(not to mention A HUGE, HONKIN' THANK YOU for this blog post. it put a smile on my face, and laughter in my heart, when i really needed it!)

i love it, and you're absolutely right! the universe gives us what we focus on. high time i started decorating my room with that in mind, yes?

(and to answer your question here, since i couldn't find your email addy, i'm 29, and that particular "younger man" is 20. YOUNG!!!!!)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Beautiful story! So sweet and magical.

Brandi said...

this is me jumping up and down excitedly for you...


Anonymous said...

i am so HAPPY you sent off your manuscript!! i believe in that manuscript so much, meg. it is such an important story!!! xoxo!

Leah said...

fingers and toes are crossed!!

and oh my goodness, i love your story about the butterflies. it's so true about what you focus on.

Kerstin said...

This is such a beautiful story, Megg! And photos. Especially the last one, you both just look so happy and gorgeous.

I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you! As you know 'focus' has been an important word for me, too, and I have a feeling that it will help you, too, with the appearance of what you wish for.

Best of luck and big hugs,

Kerstin xo

Genie Sea said...

I'm crossing everything I can for you!

Thank you for a beautiful lesson in manifestation. It makes it enchanting real. :)

Jamie said...

Congratulations on sending your package in. That's amazing! May your published books show up in the same magical way that the butterflies manifested!

big hugs,

daisies said...

congratulations on sending it out there honey ... fingers and toes crossed ... xox

this post is so beautiful and inspiration, like you, xo

Kavindra said...

What an amazing story. I am convinced to make a vision board now.

I LOVE your wedding invitation btw.

And congrats on getting your book out there - wishing it butterfly wings to land exactly where it belongs (on the NYTimes list)

enchantedartist said...

I couldn't agree more with you on this post...and a great big whoppin' WOOOHHHHOOOOO for you sending out your first proposal! You are going to fly somewhere on your pretty blue wings Megg...


Serena said...

I loved this post, Megg! It's so true that what we think about, we draw into our reality, and this post proves it.

Well done on sending out your proposal and know that I will be sending lots of positive vibes your way.

love, light and peace,

Vivienne said...

this is such an incredible story meg. such a great example of how symbolic what we surround ourselves with is.

and i'm so excited for your book to be scooped up by an agent and published....i have total faith that it will!

Amber said...

Oh my GOSH! This has me in giggles. I needed that, sister! lol! Ahh, what a great story about the magic of life.You MUST send this in to some magizine. Like Hallmark, or something. Sage Woman has call outs for the theme of "longing", I believe, for the spring mag. This could fit! It is so LOVELY and inspiring.

Happy happy hopes for you, and your book.


Anonymous said...

I love you! I really needed your bright optimism today! Thanks! And I am sending out good thoughts for your book and like the others I have a lot of things crossed.
Susie P now T

einat said...

A beautiful beautiful post! Funny, real, moving, and a big life lesson for me to pay attention to and be clearer about. Thank you.

Ursie B said...

What a great story! It's so true...what we focus on gets bigger. I love butterflies too. They're soul birds, you know. Once my friends and I took a canoe trip and a butterfly came and sat on my finger for 20 minutes. I was so excited I could hardly breathe.

So proud of you for sending off your proposal. Can't wait to read it!


pen* said...

this post is imbued with magic.
fingers and toes crossed for you!


danette said...

My fingers are crossed and my hat is tipped to you my dear. Way to go on sending in your package!

May all the magic of this post follow your package and continue to blow your mind. :)

Jessie said...

holy taledo, girl! i have shivers! there are tears in my eyes! i'm beaming for you and for what you have shown is possible!

what a truly magical universe this is. i could not have read this at a better time. tonight is new year's eve and i have planned on putting a lot of energy into what i want for the coming year. but for a moment (just a little bit ago) i got really doubtful.

THEN i read this! :) seriously, you have no idea how much this post has lifted me up. i'm sending it to my husband too. i want him to read this for himself as well.

we are powerful creators.

i love you so much! thank you for sharing this story.
happy new year!