Saturday, April 25, 2009

where I am

To change one's life:
-Start immediately

-Do it flamboyantly

-No exceptions
-William James

This is how we are living right now. We are moving. We were moving in a week but that has been pushed back a week so that the place we are moving to will be ready. I haven't seen the place where we'll be living, but I have a new job and it is a part of that. For so many reasons Mark and I are leaping off of the edge this month. Everything - literally everything - about our life is going to be different by this time in June. I'm torn in equal measures between excited and completely freaked out.

Any tips on moving to help a girl cope?


pen* said...

oh flower, that sight looks all too familiar! i feel your every word! :)

you would have thought after 7 moves in less than 5 years, i would have it sussed, but i'm afraid there are no pearls of wisdom here!

lots of tea (green or otherwise), deep breaths and creative visions for your new home... hopefully that will sustain you through the worst of it. and then, wow - and then, you have a blank beautiful canvas to do with exactly as you wish. that is the best part of moving... enjoy! :)

Vee said...

I quote, "JUST DO IT". and breathe deeply. Before you know it, you'll be in your new place - setting up.

Kel said...
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Kel said...

Time for a rephrase:
I believe that William James has the answer at the top of your post. Breath and listen and begin (and don't forget to enjoy!).

Genie Sea said...

My most practical advice to you, is minimize. Don't pack and take things you have not used in months. Don't take things instead of giving them away, or recycling them, or selling them. Weed out before the move not after.

Label everything. Sort it by room and importance. Number the boxes as well.

Rest.Go for a walk. Eat. Rest. Repeat.

Did you hire movers? It's always worth the money.

And then visualize. Picture how wonderful your bright new life will be, and the gift of starting fresh.

The gift of starting fresh :)

Karen said...

oh my goodness!! To see that picture makes me very excited, but also a little teary. I LOVED visiting you two at your wonderful seaside home. Your first home together, the place where you many important things happened there. But where you are going is SO incredibly exciting too. The next phase for you two as a couple--heading off on your own, just the two of you. I can't wait to visit the new home at the castle (I don't care what you say, I call that a castle!!!). We all love you two so much!!! xoxoxo k

Brandi said...

first of all-I feel ya. I've been there.

all I can say is accept things will be crazy and overwhelming AND THATS OKAY.

that's the only thing that really has gotten me through.

sending you peaceful vibes!

Cafe Pasadena said...

It's your Push Start!

Susannah said...

keep breathing and just do it... think about how me and you will be having lots of lunches in jamie's... remember that you are doing this with your soul mate and you are doing it *together*..... it's going to be amazing. Moving sucks, but it's only a day and then you can cosy into you new place and make it home! no more shenanigans to put up with either ;) xxxxx

3rdEyeMuse said...

try to remember that "this, too, will pass"

... and seriously label EVERYTHING - if in question, lean towards too much information as it will save you much time and energy at the other end.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get past this part of the process is to go through it. Organization helps. Taking the process as an opportunity to downsize no longer needed items helps too. Take it one step and one thing at a time and DO it while staying in the moment and not letting in the 1,000 "other things" yet on the to-do list. It will happen! Any hint of what your new life and new job will be?

Hybrid J said...

I would suggest prepare a "goodie bag" for yourself and your loved one. Place in the bag something you love, say your favourite book, your favourite tea bag etc. And when you're stressing out, take a break to open the goodie bag and enjoy the favourite items. It will help to remind you that the moving is only transitional. It will come to an end. Just my two cents of thought and hope it helps. :)

Amber said...

Toss out as much as you can. Start out as fresh as possible.