Saturday, April 04, 2009

gaps in the hedge

"In every season of life, there is something to celebrate."

Do you ever stop in the middle of your life and wonder how you got there? Do you ever pause and look at the people you love or the places you are visiting and think, "Wow, look where I am!" Do you ever have those moments in your life where you stop and take a deep breath and realize that you need to be paying better attention?

The picture above is one that my Dad took of one of the roads leading to our house. The way is single track, with a few places where two cars can safely pass. Many of the roads in Devon are like this. Hedges are the order of things. If you were to get out of your car and look over the hedge you could see miles and miles of the most beautiful rolling countryside, often leading down to the sea. Every now and then there is a gap in the hedge where there is a fence or a gate, and if you stay in your car and look quickly you can see glimpses of the beauty that is obscured. People who aren't used to Devon get very nervous and very tense driving around the county. They usually miss the beauty because they are so tied up in the journey.

Yesterday I looked through a gap in the hedge. I was really worked up about all of the craziness coming up in my life, but I was lucky enough to be included in Jamie's conference call. The message was celebration, and I found myself quietly feeling so full and almost overwhelmed by the feelings that were coming out of the phone and out of me. There was so much wonderful laughter and conversation that my skin was tingling with the energy of it and I paid attention with all of my heart. Then I got to talk to one of my best friends in the whole world for the very first time (isn't blogging weird?) and then I spent a glorious evening being silly with some of my family. I paid attention to all of it, and carried that attention over into today when I got to spend precious time with my parents.

Today I wish you more than a gap in your hedge. I hope that you can pull over and pay attention to the beauty that is all around you. Life, love, time and the people that you love are so precious. EnJOY them!



Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

I love the message of this post. I am trying to be more mindful and present in my life. I have to focus on it constantly or else it quickly slips away. However, the effort is always rewarded with magic and synchronicity.

Email me if you still need the password to the circle. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. ~Sara

Leah said...

It was so great to hear your voice on the line, Megg!!! *doing a happy dance with you* :-)

Anonymous said...

I saw this post and I thought of two things... one, what a lovely post and two, we're close enough to meet in person someday.

Genie Sea said...

May we all pull over and breathe in life! :)

Jamie Ridler said...

What a joy it was to hear your warm, wise and loving voice on the call, Megg. I will treasure that moment, and our friendship, always!

enchantedartist said...

I am most definately paying attention! This is a beautiful post.

Oh,and by the won the print. So could you please, pretty please send me your address? :-)


3rdEyeMuse said...

what a wonderful and timely reminder ... may you continue to have more than a gap in your hedge. :)

pink sky said...

this is a beautiful reminder... thank you. xo

Vivienne said...

what beautiful words meg. i've reread them a few times in fact, as i think now is exactly the time when i really need to listen to them. its definitely time to slow down, look outside the hedge and soak up all that is so beautiful, right here right now.