Friday, April 20, 2007

How I spent my day.

It's been a strange couple of days for me. I feel like I am cracking open. I am feeling like I am stepping up to that edge again - that edge that I have talked about before but run away from many times in the past. Mark was away today so I used it to go deeply into 'Sacred Contracts' by Caroline Myss. (I'm using Safari so I can't seem to do any of the good stuff I can usually do in Firefox - so no link this time, sorry!) It's been really tough. I won't go into it now because it is late and I need to process all of the information I have worked through, but I'll tell you that the big scary bright spotlight of truth was turned on me this afternoon. I've realized something for the first time about myself and I have some real work to do to sort it out.

So how have I spent my day all alone? Here is a right-to-left list of the items on my coffee table:
- my passports - a brand new one and an old one and the mailing envelope that they came in
- a clothes catalogue
- a journal
- our telephone
- a pile of pens - two pink, one purple, one turquoise and one blue
- a black retractable Sharpie
- my laptop
- a knife
- a pair of scissors
- a Tim Horton's mug with half an inch of Zen tea in it (I never drink that bit at the bottom)
- a Laini's lady (the one that says, "Magic is Real")
- a pair of sunglasses
- Caroline Myss' Archetype Cards
- a half empty jar of Nutella
- one empty and one half-empty bottle of water
- another black pen (the kind that won't explode in airplanes!)
- another journal
- a 'Lush' catalogue
- a 2p coin
- a candle that smells like cookies
- a tape measure

Whew. Clearly I have been up to no good. I have no idea why I wanted to share this list. I guess I just wanted you to know I was here.


Tori said...

As difficult as the moments may be that really shed light on something, they are the ones that propel us forward.
I liked your list and always find it so interesting to step inside someone's else realm.
I hope you share more about Sacred Contracts with us in the blogging world.

Jamie said...

I love seeing you here. What a fascinating list, a glimpse into the world of Meg. And it sounds like a powerful time in that world. Magic is real and you are a part of it. There is power in these moments, these transitions. Way to go for having the courage to look.

Dreamer Girl said...

I looove lists! So thanks for sharing this :)

XOXO Sophie

Bethanie Odd said...
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Bethanie Odd said...

love lists, or even photos of desk spaces. I like to take photos of my own desk spaces from time to time when they look particularly telling of the moment.

I found your blog by chance. A cool chance at that. I am Canadian, also living on the coast in a not so small town, and it is all because of an Englishman. Him, photographer... me, writer...