Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The power of music

"Don't be shy, just let your feelings roll on by - And don't wear fear, or nobody will know you're there..." - Cat Stevens

Two weeks ago I went to see the band Take That in concert. I don't remember listening to them the first time that they were a big deal, but they have reformed and released some really wonderful songs. When I told people I was going, I had mixed reactions. It felt almost like a guilty pleasure to go. But 50,000 people had the same idea. It was a wonderful show. In this world that is filled with doom and gloom, four guys who put on a magical show complete with songs called 'Greatest Day' and 'Shine,' acrobats and a full sized elephant coming out of the ground and walking around are pretty special in my book. I got goosebumps. In fact, I remembered something. I remembered how much I had been missing magic. (Thanks guys for reminding me!)

The next day I took my little ipod with me on my way to work. I listened to 'Greatest Day' over and over and over (am I the only one who does this?) until my soul was singing along again. Then I let the ipod play me what it thought I needed. It is usually bang on. (Note: as I typed this my computer is on shuffle and it just started playing 'Greatest Day!' I love it when synchronicity happens!)

Today I have been messing around with my playlists, and I wondered if I was missing anything! What song do you put on and listen to over and over and over until it heals you? What songs do you put on when you are needing to feel wonderful? What song reminds you exactly of who you are?

(ADDED: I Double Dare you to download 'Don't be Shy' by Cat Stevens, lie on the floor or the ground and play it loud enough to let it seep into your bones. Bliss.)

My go-to favorites? (of the 1268 songs to choose from?)

For sassy:
Happy Girl: Martina McBride
Beautiful: Carole King
I'm Coming Out: Diana Ross
I Can Do Anything: Caleigh Peters
Deb Talan, Deb Talan, Deb Talan!!!

For nudging:
Don't be Shy: Cat Stevens
Beautiful Flower: India Arie
I'm Gonna Do it All: Karine Polwart
Greatest Day: Take That

For wonder:
Beautiful World: Colin Hay
All I know: Art Garfunkel
All this Beauty: The Weepies
The Indigo Girls!
Love You: Free Design

For biting in:
Valerie - Mark Ronson
Speed of Sound: Coldplay
Better Get to Livin': Dolly Parton
I Choose Life (acoustic version): Keisha White
...or there's always Alabama for good old fashioned fun!

This is just a few - but I'd LOVE to know what songs get you. Any guilty pleasures? What makes your soul sing along? What's your go-to for help? Joy? Wisdom? What should I give a listen to?


Anonymous said...

ALABAMA! Go Country 105 Dance! Oh the memories!
Love you, Susie T

Tammy said...

Christine Kane! It's all good, all of it. Do you know her blog?

Sunny said...

I have a few songs that I go to...

Joel Plasket - nowhere with you
Out of your mouth - Beautiful when you're mad
Also Floggy Molly and Dido...and soooo many more it is hard to coose which one to go to but for now these ones seem to be it.

pen* said...

oh meg! i went to see take that too and loved every second of it! :)

the soundtrack to practical magic does something special for me... as does joshua radin (and probably not just because of his music alone! ;)

cat power and sia move me hauntingly and jack johnson always brings a smile to my face...

what are we all going to listen to when we come and have an art picnic at yours? can't wait!

Amber said...

I do this, too. Yes. I bet we all do. And sooo many songs!

*My Sweet Lord-- George Harrison
*Prayer Changes Things--Dietrick Haddon.
*Somewhere Over the Rainbow--Eva Cassidy
*Georgia-- Ray Charles
*Nothing I Can Do-- Ben Taylor
*Old Love(live 13min version)--Eric Clapton
*Landslide-- all, but love dixie chicks.

*and too many blues to name.


3rdEyeMuse said...

eeek ... this makes people either raise their eyebrows or cringe ... ah well, be brave, little M ... me? I pop in the 1968 Original Broadway Musical version of Hair. Yep, you heard me. :)

ok, and I like "Wonder" by Natalie Merchant ... and 1000 more songs, but as my head feels like it's going to implode, so I'm going to treat myself to a nap.

happy singing!!

Brandi said...

soulshine-the version by beth hart

can't go wrong with 'don't stop believin' by journey

your body is a wonderland-john mayer

claudia said...

Thankyou for the wonderful music list! I love Cat Steven´s "don´t be shy" too. Aswell as Quiet by Rachael Yamagata, Lucky by Jason Mraz, Thirteen by Lucky Star, Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawa, Can´t Wait Until Tonight by Max and Simple Life by The Weepies.

Kerstin said...

For "Alive" (my word this year):
The Boss - James Brown
Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye
Fantasy - Earth, Wind & Fire
Maggot Brain - Funkadelic
Sexy - Black Eyed Peas
You'll never find another love like mine - Lou Rawls
Be Thankful for What you Got - William DeVaughn
Life is Wonderful - Jason Mraz

I have enjoyed the comeback of "Take That" from the distance (via US cable tv), like you I was not too much into them their first time round but have enjoyed what I've seen lately. Any concert with magic is so worth it! And thanks for sharing your songs, I am always on the hunt for new ones.

Hugs, Kxo

Heather said...

I'm really grooving on Phoenix right now, with my favourite song being "Lisztomania". It's very bouncy and motivating.

Jeanette said...

If you have not yet encountered 'Exactly' by Amy Steinberg, you have to seek it out. Transformative.

Visit her site and click on 'listen' to hear the song. I have played it thousands and thousands of times, during some of the darkest and most confusing times of my life.


Jeanette said...


forgot the link:)

mike@ahamoment.com said...

LOVE this post. I have always marveled at the way a particular song can INSTANTLY transport me back in time to a particular moment. Sometimes it’s even a moment I had completely forgotten about. Awesome.
Music is so incredibly powerful, and can have such a positive impact on people’s lives. We’ve collected some music-related “aha moment” videos that are wonderful illustrations of this.
Have a look and vote for your favorites. There’s some really great stories in there.
Thanks again for posting. Have a great night.

Anonymous said...
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