Friday, July 03, 2009

a rambling return

"Writing is about getting something down, not about thinking something up."
- Julia Cameron

I can't remember which book this is in, but one of the things SARK wrote that resonated with me the most was something about when she was feeling depressed, it clearly meant that she needed to express something. That has been echoing through my head for days now. I have been busy. I have been overworked and stressed out and irritated, and I have not been writing or creating in any way. I tried to figure out what was wrong a few days ago and that thought came back to me.

I need to express something.

I need to get creative!

It's funny how the longer you leave a blog the harder it is to come back to it. I have thought about blogging many times over the past few weeks but once I started back I knew I wouldn't be able to stop. Frankly I didn't have the energy to commit to something else. I didn't have the energy to find a quote and upload a photo (my computer is sloooow!) and then write something about it. HA! So I am not going to. The quote found me and the photo will have to wait, but I am here now. I have broken the ice, and it feels good. It feels good to be back.

Yes, I think I will come back here again.


daisies said...


3rdEyeMuse said...

come any time ... you'll always be met with a happy heart ... or ten! :)

Vivienne said...

oh good! cause i love whatever it is you decide to express here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megg!
Luvly to hear from you again! Creativity goes through lulls cos life sometimes gets in the way...and creativity needs lulls to figure out what things are most important in 'your' life. I bet you've still been very creative in other ways ... new home, new town. Keep filing away your inspirational ideas that can't be used yet... and they'll keep for a rainy day.
I still don't have a blog ... so I can't really talk :)
Love yorus tho!
Kindest Wishes

Hybrid J said...

One step at a time... :)
One word at a time... :)
Breath and take it slow... :)

Genie Sea said...

Welcome back Megg! :)

You have been missed, but you also need to do what you need to do to survive this period. If it's blogging or not, we will be here for you. :)

I hope things ease soon :)

Brandi said...

welcome back.

enchantedartist said...

Hi Megg...:-) It's so nice to have you back...


Amber said...

I know what you mean. But I am happy to "see" you, whenever you are around.


disa said...
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