Monday, June 12, 2006

an enormous question

"If anything at all were possible, how would you live your life?" - Christiane Northrop

I've been a bad blogger again. I even missed Sunday Scribblings this week - ME! - I just haven't had time. I've been overwhelmed by work and other work and being an auntie and the feelings that that has brought up (gleep!) Does anyone else look at their life sometimes and just shake their head in amazement?

I've been thinking a lot lately about choices and changes. We always look at new babies and see all of this potential and amazingness there. Why do grown people not see that about themselves? At what point in our lives do we lose that sense of anything being possible? Why do we live by a set of limits that make no sense to us? When do we become afraid to be everything we want to be? How can we get that back?

And how can we help new little ones (and other not-so-little ones) keep faith in themselves and their dreams? Whew - that's such a big question isn't it?! xo


M said...

It's amazing what babies can stir up isn't it?! I still am amazed by my nephew and twin nieces and am in awe that my big brother, who used to pick on me constantly, helped to create them! I love being an auntie though, so many opportunities to share the world with them and share their joy. I just wish they were closer- why can't there be free flights for families!!?!
No need to apologize for being busy, it's a good thing isn't it??

deirdre said...

New life makes everything look different. I have 8 nephews and 2 nieces and it happens to me every time. Each of them is such a gift. You're going to love being an auntie. It's the best.

la vie en rose said...

wow! very big questions. and very big quote to accompany them.

you're not a bad blogger my friend. you're a blogger and blogger's have lives outside of this. and that's okay my dear!

and by the way have you seen my blogging lately? i may be posting but i'm not getting around reading and commenting. so personally i'm grateful to those of you who haven't been updating. i don't feel so behind.

chiefbiscuit said...

Do you think it's a matter of remaining child-like rather than childish ... ? Enjoy that baby!! Congrats Aunty.

Jessie said...

I've had somewhat similar thoughts rolling around in my head too. Or maybe my thoughts have been more selfish because I've been wondering when it was that (certain) people quit caring as much about what my life is about...or at least wondering why it is that I feel that way. But I have a hunch that I'm not the only in one in the world that sometimes feels that way, and that it happens to many of us as we grow older.

I haven't quite made sense of it yet, but it seems to me that as we get older there are more and more expectations placed on us and also more that we place on others. When those expectations aren't met then people start placing a bit too much judgement on each other. (ok, well that's an over-simplified version of my thought, but there isn't space to go on forever.)

Maybe this is my dark, cynical side speaking. I don't know. I like that you ask: how can we make our little ones continue to have faith in themselves and their dreams?

As we get older the responsibility of that seems to shift. First we recieve the attention, then we give it. Maybe that's why I like teaching young college students so much--they're on the cusp between adolecence and adulthood. I want to see them hold on to their dreams, to REALIZE their dreams before the expectations and judgements of others get in the way.

But maybe my belief in people needs to extend beyond the classroom, beyond babies or teens or young adults. We all need to feel valued. That is a feeling that never ever goes away.

It's ok to be a bad blogger once in awhile. I'll keep checkin' in on you no matter how long of a break you take!

Jennifer said...

It (believing that anything is possible) must be nurtured and encouraged in ourselves and in our children.

chest of drawers said...

Love is the answer!

Jamie said...

This is where you get to be a part of the magic. Just like Tinkerbell needs us to believe in her in order to live, so do our dreams and the dreams of others. When you refuse to quit believing, it is contagious. Let's continue to spread the "believe" bug, my friend.

kelly rae said...

a friend once told me when i was struggling with big questions that i needed to take one step at a time and start living the life i had always imagined for myself. and that was it. start living the life you had always imagined for yourself. so incredibly simple, yet powerful and REAL and true. in our grownup lives , with all of our responsibilities , i think we sort of lose track sometimes of the very basics that add up to be our lives...such sobering thoughts for me.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...this is a BIG question. (And you are not a bad's natural for this to wax and wane--I think I am telling myself as much as you because I have been NOWHERE lately).

I do think society brings us down to a certain many dangers in the world can leave us overly focused on safety. For example, I catch myself saying "no, no, no" a lot as Madam explores her new world. It's my job to keep her safe, of course...but I would hate for her to extend not touching a hot dishwasher with not chasing down a dream.

One of the Barbara Sher ideas that always stuck with me is her musing that people act like performing, or public speaking, or going after a cherished dream will LITERALLY kill them. The fear they should have for a house on a fire is the fear they have for a firey desire instead. I suppose the trick is to separate the two...but how?

woman wandering said...

My goodness, writes Di with a smile, you changed my life with your quote here.

I read it, noted it on a piece of paper, hit rock bottom last Sunday, the immigrant blues came calling again and I'd enough of this feeling of limbo and I found the piece of paper with your quote and got thinking ... I have a whole new project because of it.

If anything at all were possible ... it's great question to ask yourself :) Thanks.