Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day One.

So Day One of my 21 Day Challenge started off very well! I slept very fitfully, but I put it down to thinking too much about all of this. So when the alarm went off at 6am, I got up and exercised for half an hour! In my quest for 'vibrant health' I have decided to begin by exercising three or more times a week and work up to more. I have also made the fairly major decision (with Mark's help and support) to stop dieting.

Every time I try hard to lose weight I end up gaining it. If you subscribe to the concept of 'what you focus on appears,' then the more I focus on 'weight' whether it be losing it or gaining it, the more 'weight' will appear. So I am going to stop focusing on it. I am going to try to eat what I want when I am hungry and to stop when I am full. When I feel like I am going to be deprived of something I want it more - not good for weight loss. So that's the plan.

I spent my goal of 15 minutes focusing on my goals this morning, but then the universe had an interesting plan for me. Mid-morning at work I started feeling rotten and then progressively worse and now I am home with what appears to be a big bout of the flu. It's strange that I got this today, but I am going to rest, listen to my body and not get off track. Tonight I am going to work on one bit of writing towards the website, and I will have accomplished everything I wanted to today, sick or not.

I am determined that this is going to work! I feel good about my steps today. Now, back to bed.


Cate said...

Oh, Meg, I hope you feel better soon!

Congrats. to the great start to your 21 day program. I can soooo relate to the "gaining weight when focusing on it" dilemma. Love your plan to eat what you want/stop when you're full.

Can't wait to hear about all of your other successes on this journey! xo

Jessie said...

Good job, Megg! I am proud of you. ;) And I'm looking forward to writing down my goals and setting a start date for my own 21 day challenge.

Hold on to that's contagious! But loose the flu. ugh. Hope you feel better VERY soon!

Susannah said...

good for you love - you've started as you mean to go on - surely that's half the battle?! i feel sick too (flu-y headache and aches) - i think it's a cosmic flu we've got, some kind of spiritual detox... :-) x

la vie en rose said...

can you hear my claps and cheers from here?

i really resonate with your decision to stop dieting. it's amazing how much energy can be spent focused on our weight. it's exhausting. sometimes i'm scared to death of NOT dieting but any time i've made the decision to seriously focus on health and well being as opposed to weight and dieting i've never been disappointed.

i'm cheering you on!

Star said...

A great start, Meg! My "to-do" for today was to make a list of the areas I need pictures for for my vision board. Done (during lunch time at work).

Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow.

Jamie said...

Congratulations on such a powerful start! You're awesome. The first thing that came to mind when you said you weren't feeling well is that you've made some powerful decisions and a great start and so your body's releasing. Just let it go and take care. You are doing great!

Megan Potter said...

On the flu,

My friend just went on retreat out of necessity for her sanity, she said the first day she was super sick. I suspect yours is similar, it's all the stress and such that was in you boiling out. Don't let it pull you back down, just let it work out of your system and go on.