Friday, February 09, 2007

Day Two

21 Day Challenge Day Two!!

Considering I have been mostly in bed, I have accomplished quite a lot today!! I have a book that I have been reading about changing your 'money mind.' It has a seriously cheesy title so if you are interested I will whisper it to you another time. Basically it helps you to understand why you are the way you are about money and how to change your hardwiring to actually think and act in ways that will bring abundance into your life. I've read most of it in bed today so I am going to go back tomorrow when I am clearer and reread the pages I marked with what looks like might be about 47,000 torn-paper bookmarks.

Also today I wrote to a dear friend and asked her to be my deadline. I need to have a push to get myself writing, so by asking her now and setting a date, I hope to have some writing for her to read. I am a LOT gun shy about this. Once when I was younger I gave a manuscript for a Fantasy novel that I'd written to a teacher to read. I was (and still am) so proud of that book! She not only didn't read it, she actually LOST the manuscript. That shattered me. I've had one good experience since then doing a manuscript swop with another friend. THAT one went well, although I have realized since that that book really requires some distance and a rewrite. But another time I gave a piece of preciously new writing to someone else and their response was almost non-existent. So asking this friend to read something is a pretty big step: Tonight, I write!

A few days ago I found a crazy ad in the back of a magazine. As I can't visualize, I have trouble 'seeing' myself as the slim, healthy, confident, sassy woman that I know I am becoming. This site took a photo of me and put it through the process that they use on magazine models to make them thinner. I thought it would be a perfect thing to print out so I could see myself at my goal weight every day. Today I got a photograph of myself back that was me only about 40 lbs lighter. It was very strange as they send it back to you right beside the original picture. I couldn't believe a) how different I look in my original picture from how I see myself and b) how much it hurt to see how I could look compared to now. It was really hard, but after the original shock, I think that it is going to be a great tool for me - I will focus on already being that size, STOP dieting, and keep working out. I know where I have to be now.

SO, despite the flu, I have written some and will write today, done one small step towards the website, made a shift in physical thinking and let myself have some slack on exercise. Yes!

Thea is also spending the next 21 days challenging herself, and I am so so happy that I have inspired others of you to set dates for your own challenges or to also do this with me - let me know if you really are doing it & I'll help cheer you on!

(I've also temporarily stopped adding photos. For some reason Blogger won't load them up for me?!)


la vie en rose said...

i'm proud of you girlie!

when i read the part about how hard it was too see the pic of yourself i could relate. when i was in high school i was over weight but then i lost a lot (not in a healthy way...) sadly it didn't take long for me to gain it all some. looking at photos of myself when i was thin was almost unbearable. knowing what i could look like, what i had looked like, was crushing. it's been a long journey but i'm finally at a place where i'm satisfied with my weight. if i can get to that place then i know without a doubt you can too.

Amber said...

Blogger won't do pics for me either! grrr.

She LOST it???! WhaAA?? I am a little stunned by that, I have to say. Stunned! But I also am impressed that you wrote one at such a young age. wow! Amazing.

And she lost it. Pft!

I need to read that book, so can you wisper it to my blog? I really need NEED!to fix my relationship with money, and my feelings about it. I have been thinking about it for months... Thanks. ;)


Star said...

I can't believe your teacher lost the manuscript! Ugghh!

I'm doing 21 days to getting the vision board done that I intended to do in December. By the end of February it will be done! This will put me on the road to finishing projects once started.

Thanks for your inspiration, Meg!

ceanandjen said...

Oh wow...things are moving in such a wonderful direction! Congratulations on all of the writing that you are getting done and good luck with your are inspiring!!!!

bee said...

i'm glad that you're trusting agaiun and giving out that manuscript...grr. that teacher bugs me.

and seriously - how incredibly motivating you are for doing this 21 day challenge...looking at the sore parts (sending you a big hug for facing that picture...) and staying focused?

love to you.

luzie said...

Well done, Meg! I love reading about your accomplishments, and I admire your dedication to the challenge. Keep up the good work. :)

I haven't posted about it on my blog yet, but I've also been on a 21-day challenge since Thursday. My goal is to eat more healthily, and I think if I survive the first week I might even blog about it. Come Lent I will give up chocolate anyway, that should make it a little easier. ;)

The Silent K said...

I hate when good books have cheesy titles. Agh. I am kind of curious what the book is though, maybe you could email me?

krista @ the silent k . com