Monday, August 27, 2007


"Being powerful is giving yourself permission to feel good. Being powerful is allowing yourself to be as creative, outrageous, honest, sensual and demanding as you are. Being powerful is realizing that you don't have to hide anything from anyone." - Geneen Roth

I am home sick today. My stomach told me that it has had enough excitement and it needed a break. On my way past the bookshelf this morning, I picked up the very first book I put my finger on. It was one by the amazing Geneen Roth. As it turns out, it was one of the books that I have marked as I read it before. So today I was able to read messages from myself - to see what passages have resonated before - and to see how much I have changed since the first read.

Today I found this passage and I loved - loved - loved it. As I am preparing for my mojo-ritual on Sunday, I thought it was perfect timing! I wanted to share it with you:

"Ask yourself - now - what would happen if you were to become as powerful as you are?

Who would be frightened?
How would your life change?
How would you eat?
What would you wear?
What kinds of things would upset you?
How would you walk, talk?
What kind of work would you do?
Who would be your friends?
Does you life, the way it is now, support you in becoming powerful?
Do one powerful thing today.
Tomorrow, when you wake up, dress as if you were expressing your power. Then walk through the day as a powerful woman would.
Treat yourself as if you were already enough."

- Geneen Roth


Jessica said...

this is great, it will help me a lot right now. thanks!

Frida said...

Oh, yeah!

Treat yourself as if you were already enough.

Hope your stomach is better soon.

Kerstin said...

I remember reading these questions somewhere else before and thinking how great they are. Never did anything with them, though, how typical! So thanks for reminding us, I have actually written a couple of them down now, into my new Keri Smith non-planner datebook - seemed to be an appropriate place for them!

daisies said...

fantastic!! i really needed to read this right now :)

Star said...

Be the change you want to see...I've heard that somewhere and feel it embodies what you've written here. Good words, and challenging!

Tori said...

I HAVE to read this book and I HAVE to ask myself these questions. Thank you for always inspiring thoughts are definitely on the same wave length as yours!

ceanandjen said...

The mantra today:

"Do one powerful thing today."


I hope that by now (Friday) you are feeling much much better!