Friday, December 07, 2007

big day!

I keep three wishes ready,
Least I should chance to meet,
Any day a fairy
Coming down the street.
I'd hate to have to stammer,
Or have to think them out,
For it's very hard to think things up
When a fairy is about.
And I'd hate to lose my wishes,
For fairies fly away,
And perhaps I'd never have a chance
On any other day.
So I keep three wishes ready,
Lest I should chance to meet,
Any day a fairy
Coming down the street.

Annette Wynne

Mark's Mom let me see her copy of The Wish Book a few weeks ago. According to that book today is one of the few days in the year when all of the cosmic forces are aligned properly and you can make a really big wish! Apparently the powers are strong all day, but most powerful between 3:18 & 3:22pm today. (Now, I don't know about time zones... that one is tricky! I'm just going to go with it!) It doesn't matter if you subscribe to the idea of cosmic ordering or not, it's a lovely idea that today is a powerful wish day and that all over the world, people are believing in the power of magic, the universe and their dreams.

I used to wish the same wish for everything. It used to be a wish for my Grandfather, but now that he is gone I am a lot less focused. If I met a fairy or a genie walking down the road, I'd be all flustered while I searched for something. So I think that today I am going to come up with my BIG wish and wish it at 3:19. It can't hurt, can it? You NEVER know!!

Do you have a great big wish ready?


Susannah said...

oh yeah, i'm all over this today. i know EXACTLY what i wish for :-) thanks for shining the light out, angel xo

Kel - away from Kel's Space and lookin' at yours! said...

Yikes, thanks for letting us know, I'm going to have to think carefully.

Boho Girl said...

i do, i do have a wish. i told my husband about this too. how lovely honey...thank you.

you're like a little faerie sprinkling magical dust for all of us...

loving you.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, i know what i'm wishing for, too!! thanks for the tip!!

Karen said...

Meg--This afternoon Sophie is trying milk for the first time (at the allergist)...I've got mine.
xo talk sun.

ps--love the new format!!

Schmoops said...

this is glorius! and such perfect timing too.... thanks for this!

Georgia said...

I TOTALLY have a big wish:) It is a silly wish, but it is still BIG. I love this :) Thanks for letting us all know about today.


daisies said...

i need to think about this and then make my big wish : ) thank you so much for spreading this magic, i believe ~ i really do ... xox

cheeky said...

The idea of having a wish day is delicious. I really *heart* that poem.

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

I read this entry at 3:16pm my time today. I immediately got out my journal and wished away on paper until 3:22. What wonderful timing!

Earlier today I was writing in my journal and wrote a wish. I hesitated as I wrote "I wish I had" instead of "I need to find" or "I'd like." I didn't know it was a powerful wish day, but something about writing the word "wish" felt powerful and unlike something I would normally say. I briefly pondered why this struck me as so important. Now I know! (I think I'll write more about this over on my blog today.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this magical day. I've made my wish.
Beautiful blog.

Colorsonmymind said...

I am wishing-what a great day!

You are fabulous!

Your Brother said...

I wished something for the both of us Meg. All the pieces are in place for it to come true. I hope it does, see you in a week.

Anonymous said...

Oh Meg,
I just love you! And I love that poem! And I really love that picture in your header. You are so beautiful!
Love, Susie T