Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear 2007,

I just wanted to write and thank you for everything.

*thank you for my family - for my Mom and Dad and my brother and sister-in-law and my gorgeous little niece, and my extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins and one Oma. Thank you for their health and happiness and just for them being here in the first place.

*thank you for this blogging community. I'm not very good at it anymore, but people still come to read what I have to say and I appreciate that. Thank you for all of them. Thank you for their honesty in their own posts and comments. I hope they all have love and happiness and that they know that their words matter to someone. (I won't put links here because I don't want to hurt anyone by forgetting them.)

*thank you for the tribe of women I have encircling me. They know who they are. It's been a difficult year in a lot of ways. You gave us a lot of work to do and some pretty big challenges. We have made it through and are stronger than we were in 2006! Thank you for their presence in my life.

*thank you for the roof over my head, continued health, a job, and for constant inspiration and challenge.

*thank you for the most romantic moment of my life - so far.

*thank you for other adventures - for Bath and for London and for Bournemouth and for walks around reservoirs, and for Dartmoor, and for the beautiful place I live.

*thank you for my parents coming and seeing me where I live and for every ounce of unending support they continue to provide - even when they don't understand their unconventional daughter.

*most of all, thank you for another year with the love of my life.

Thank you for everything, and I look forward to meeting your successor.

All my love,

Dear 2008

You are going to be the best year of my life - so far.

(Just thought I'd better let you in on that so we are both on the same page!)

LOVE, meg. xo

(Happy New Year everyone!! Make a good wish tonight and I'll see you in '08!)


Jessie said...

ooooh, i love this post! :)

happy new year to you, my friend. and thank you for reminding me to make a wish. yes, i love making wishes! :) i hope all of your wishes come true in 2008 PLUS some! :)

chest of drawers said...

Lovely Megg...I wish you so much for 2008, all the love and romance you can take and a wonderful wedding. More visits with family and friends but most of all, I wish that you feel at home inside yourself wherever you decide to be.

Marilyn said...

What a great gratitude post! The second part (about '08) reminded me of the emails to ;) Happy New Year!! xoxo

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

THANK YOU! You're incredibly inspiring, and I sitll look at your blog everyday. I need to go write down all of the things i'm grateful for. Happy new year, i'm sending you love, light, health, abundance, safety, and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

this post made me so happy; you are so wonderful and remind me to be grateful..happy new year, megg!

Dandelion seeds said...

I love that you affirm, right off the bat, that the new year is going to be great. I think sometimes, I start hoping the new year will be 'better'. Not great or wonderful or magical. I think this is a good habit to get into. 2008-I know you will be magical!

Alexandra S said...

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! May this year be even better for you than the past one!!

Amber said...

I love this post!!

I hope all your dreams for 2008 come true!


madelyn said...

Happy new year dearest Meg ~
your name suits you so well btw ~
light and bright and curious:)


GreenishLady said...

Happy New Year. I hope 2008 contains only good things for you!

MAHIMA said...

love your idea of thank you letters to the year!
have a brilliant, adventure filled 2008!

caroline : my pocket said...

WIshing you a belated happy new year - how exciting! So looking forward to reading what you'll be up to in 2008, and so enjoyed reading about your engagement in Rome, so romantic :) xoxo