Friday, September 12, 2008

message from myself

"Thank you for all of the good things that are happening in my life right now."

Fifteen years ago I sat on the floor of my bedroom and wrote a list of affirmations. I have no memory of where they came from or why I needed them at that moment, but I wrote them out dutifully and carefully with a black felt-tip pen. I spelled 'which' wrong, but at some point since then, I fixed it with a scribble.

I know this because this piece of paper has followed me around ever since. I don't intend to carry it with me, and I don't consciously look for it, but it follows me anyway. Through many bag packings and many moves, it has stayed in my life. Every time I find it, I wonder what it is. I unfold it, read it, smile, shake my head at its appearance, and then fold it up and put it aside again. I always expect that that will be the last time I see it. Many pieces of paper have come and gone without thought. I am forever losing things. But this piece follows me everywhere, popping up in piles at the strangest times, often in a pile where I know it wasn't before.

This morning I found it again in a pile of wedding stuff. I don't know how it got there. It wasn't there yesterday. It is tattered and worn around the edges and the paper has become soft with repeated reading. I think maybe it is trying to tell me something! I read it again, smiling at the message sent from my 18 year old self. It begins with, "I accept myself unconditionally right now." I think that when I am finished writing this, I am going to have a cup of tea and finally really listen to her. She seems to know what she's talking about. Was the reason it has stayed with me that it was waiting for my 33 year old self to get the message? Well, I finally got it, and today I am sharing some of it with you. Maybe she was writing to one of you, too.

Have a wonderful day.

(This is written exactly as it is on the page. With apologies to anyone who might have written these first - I don't know where I got them! )

"I accept myself unconditionally right now."

"Infinite spirit, give me a definite lead, reveal to me my perfect self-expression. Show me which talent I am to make use of now."

"I am intending vibrant health." (30 consecutive nights just before sleep.) ("Intend" other things at other times of the day!)

"Thank you for all of the good things that are happening in my life right now."

"Please guide me towards finding what is beautiful, whole, and genuine within myself and help me express this awareness. I ask for the grace to share my individuality with ease. Help me to know that when I do express who I am that I am making a contribution to the well being of everyone around me."

"I love and respect myself"

- meg.


Brandi said...

yep. it's there for a reason. :-)

I have a feeling the universe sends this along when you need it.

I love this post big time!

Ursie B said...

I love this! It's at times like these that you KNOW so deep down in your bones that there is a greater force and something so much bigger than us at work here. Such a comforting feeling.

(BTW, I adore your site too...)

Candy Colored Buddha

Kel said...

I love when my past self sends me presents!

I AM said...

"Infinite spirit, give me a definite lead, reveal to me my perfect self-expression. Show me which talent I am to make use of now."

I have never heard it said so perfectly. Thanks for sharing this (with me and with yourself!!)

enchantedartist said...

Sometimes I think my eighteen year old self knew more than my thirty-nine year old self knows now. Your eighteen year old sure had it right. Enjoy having tea with her...:)


Lulu said...

how cute

daisies said...

goosebumps :) that is so wonderful that this wonderfully wise part of you follows you and helps you to remember ... and thank you for sharing this with us :) xo

Vivienne said...

you were (and are) so wise.

i love that this piece of paper is stalking you (in the best way possible)!

i really love the one that begins with "please guide me towards finding what is beautiful, whole, and genuine"

enjoy your tea and this visit with your wise young self!

Amber said...

What a gift that is to yourself. And look how wise you have always been. :)


pink sky said...

wise and beautiful...worth always coming back to. thank you for sharing these reminders.

bee said...

amazing, amazing, amazing.

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Such wisdom...beautiful post..:)

Kate said...


How wise your 18 year old self was and who you are now too. Thanks for sharing that story.


Jaime said...


That is all I have to say. I just love it.