Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wedding Land

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.

"Pooh!" he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you." - A.A.Milne

There are wonderful things and there are stressful things in our life right now. There are books and jobs and families and websites and money worries and the wedding all swirling around our heads at an increasing speed. Our vision has become wobbly, and it was all getting to be a bit too much for me yesterday.

That shifted this morning when I woke up and looked over at my sleeping sweetheart and I realized that I need to keep our life in perspective. No matter what else happens, all of this is about us. We have made the choice to do things a bit differently. We have made the choice to be brave and to follow our dreams. Why am I expecting that that will be easy? (We hadn't expected it all to be happening at once, however!)

What matters here is that I love him and he loves me and that we are living our lives bravely and honestly. If we can keep hold of that and use that as the lens through which we see our current situation, I think that our vision will steady and we really will live happily ever after.



Kel said...

Hold on to that, because you are so right, nothing else matters. We've gone our own way for a lot of the road and it is so worth it. Just hold onto each other and the truth of the 'us' that you are.

Ladyv said...

yes yes yes. such profound words!
keep being brave, taking deep breaths and seeing clarity in each other!

Brandi said...

everyone loses perspective for a moment during the wedding crunch. YOu got it back and you are right-that's all that matters. And it truly, truly is.

Amber said...

Yes. You hold to that.

Look, I think I told you the story of our own CRAZY gone-so-wrong-it-should-be-a-movie wedding, right? If not, i won't scare you. But teh important thing is that it has lasted fourteen years!And I even love him more now, if you can imagine.

YOU and HE are what matters-- the vows. That is all that matters, and that is the only place the real romance really is alive.

It is one day, and i hope it is BEAUTIFUL for you both. But no matter what, the love is alive and your life is ahead of you. Together.


pen* said...

so, so, true... and knowing that now will forever ensure you find your core. know what is important... i too am blessed with a wonderful love and through 6 moves in 4 years, 3 business', a death and my mother's 3 strokes: just one look at him reminded me that it will all be okay. may your life always be filled with the blessings of true love xx

She Who Flies said...

Yes, I agree. Keeping in sight what is most important, what this is all about, is the key. The details have a way of working themselves out, even if they get too much at times. I've surely been there. Several times. And not so long ago. You're doing wonderfully well and I can't wait for you to share all your good news, when the time is ready. Hopefully it will all flow now. But if it doesn't, try and take one step/focus on one thing at a time. And remember how blessed you are to share your life with a man who shares your vision :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful partnership! 2 people with love, bravery and honesty following their dreams - everything's possible!

enchantedartist said...

Oh honey, yes! You've got it! Jon and I have always lived our lives like this...and many times it hasn't meshed with what others would consider 'normal'or what we 'should' be doing...but it has worked...and after more than twenty years together, it continues to work. It sounds simple to say that all that matters is love...but truly that is all there is. :)


pink sky said...

this post was exactly what i needed to read today! thank you for this beautiful perspective...i want to be brave too. xo

chest of drawers said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! We should be so grateful for the love in our lives. Whenever I look back at situations where I almost lost it, I realise it was never as bad as it seemed at the time and it took it´s run, whether I freaked out or not.