Sunday, September 21, 2008

thought on a Sunday morning

You can always tell an old soul by how friendly they are to trees.

Very, very -
The Universe

I'll be back later with a bigger post, but I loved this and wanted to share. Happy Sunday to you!



Elizabeth said...

I love it when I get messages from The Universe. This one stayed with me too.

John and I talked about you on our recent holiday walking the TMB. When you walk for nine days you can cover a lot of ground conversationally as well as literally.

I loved what you said in the Wedding Land post about keeping things in perspective. I'm sure it will be a sweet day. I hope you'll share lots of pictures with us.

Brandi said...

I adore that quote. absolutely.

Ursie B said...

I love this quote! We can't take a walk without my daughter hugging every tree in sight. :) Guess she's an old soul, huh?