Friday, February 20, 2009

Asking for help.

"Just get up and do your thing and speak your truth. It's as simple as that."
- Lamar Harrington

This week at The Next Chapter book group, the chapter is "Consulting with Guides." When I started blogging it was because I was desperate for connection with like-minded women. I put the intention out there and more importantly, I did something about it. Within a week I had connected with three amazing women. We connected because we were all brave enough to reach out to each other. Within a year of being brave, I had made several wonderful friends, traveled to a creative retreat, and begun writing a book.

But as Gail McMeekin says, "The real story is often much more helpful than a myth." I need to tell you that it hasn't all been perfect. I've been snubbed and ignored, I have lost connections and I have been the ignorer. Reaching out and being creative is HARD, but every time you do it, you get a little stronger and you meet someone new. Today instead of writing about being brave and making connection, I am going to do it, because you just never know where it would lead!

I've always felt that we get messages from the Universe. Well while I was sick I got them loud and clear. The Next Chapter's "Consulting with Guides," my note from the Universe telling me: "It's not what you know, it's who you know... and love," getting a brave invitation to a delightful gathering, and a long talk about publication with two different people are all pretty clear road markers. The consensus? Ask for help. It's all about who you know. Be brave.

So here it is:

I have written a book. I am now seriously looking for an agent for it, and I am having big problems. Can anyone out there give me any advice or a contact name or any information at all to help me in this quest? The book is a novel about a woman finding herself. I have had several people read it and the comments have been wonderful. Most told me they couldn't put it down, several said that they knew of many women that they wanted to read it, and one reader told me that it has completely changed her life. Now I can't tell a prospective agent this as it looks unprofessional, but as this is MY blog, I can do what I like! So I am shamelessly asking: Can anyone out there help me get my book into the right hands to give it the best possible chance in the world?

Because that is what I really need right now!


Genie Sea said...

Through Rebecca, I found Nathan Bransford who is a literary agent with a blog.

Best of luck to you my friend! I look forward to reading your published book :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Yay for you for writing a book!!
Keri Smith has a great blog and has published several books. She gives a sort of help list here to getting published.

Best of luck to you!!

CynthiaMarie said...

Thank you so much for explaining your story. Being new to blogging I've recently realized a most definite snub and totally forgetting all the women that were supporting me I let that become my focus and almost stopped -- I'm so glad to hear that is normal on my part, and in the blogosphere. You have renewed my faith in human connections through the internet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that insight.

Good Luck on that book of yours! Good for you for putting yourself out there -- I think that is awesome!


Lisa PN said...

Thanks so much for this blog and good luck to finding a publisher! Look forward to reading your book!

Melba said...

Megg This is a VERY brave post and one I can relate to on many levels.

I have read up on being published (which I know you have too) and it seems like many published authors keep saying the same look up agents that have represented books like yours and send them a query letter. You probably will have to go through lots of rejection...which I know is soooo tough, but keep at it and eventually you will find the right agent. Keep believing in yourself and don't give up!!!

Brandi said...

god I am in awe of you!!

you are so inspiring for asking!! YES BRAVE WOMAN.

unfortunately, I have no connections or advice but I will hold your intention in light.

Snap said...

Good luck with your book. Just this week I breezed by a blog that listed links to agents (or information about working with an agent). I'll try to reinvent my tour through blogland and find that blog. I'll be back!

pERiWinKle said...

I heard a little birdie whisper that Oprah wants to have you on her show?

She said she chose YOUR book for her book club...

Did that birdie came your way too? :-) xx

chest of drawers said...

Wow, great minds think alike! I remember those first days fondly too and I´m sooo grateful to the 3 of you - I haven´t been in touch with Alexandra in too long, must change that ASAP! As for your wonderful book (how lucky am I to have read it!) maybe this will help:

D said...

Oh, I wish you all the luck in the world. I do not have any connections for you but I will keep my fingers crossed that the right person will come along soon.

laundrygirl said...

Wow! You are something else! Congratulations on your book! Talk about exciting!
This was such a great post and while I don't know the first thing about publishing, I know that you will find the information and people you need - and soon. I can't wait to read your book!

KathrynAntyr said...

What a wonderful place to be - with a finished book in hand. Leap and the net will follow -- You are doing the right thing by putting yourself out here and asking for help. Best wishes on realizing your dreams!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Best wishes for you and your book. :)

Jaime said...

I want to go to the bookstore one day and pluck your book off the shelf and hold it in my hands and carry it home and immerse myself in your story on my cozy couch.
I so wish I had people connections for you...I wish I knew what to do for you. I will support you and support you and love you and support you more until this book becomes a beautiful reality for you.
Keep being brave, you beautiful girl!