Sunday, February 08, 2009


"For too many women, doubting the legitimacy of their inspirations chokes their creative spirit." - Gail McMeekin

This is the first letter of a word that I commissioned from Jessie.  I am delighted to say that I have the word 'YES' coming in the mail!  

As I read through the chapter for this week's book group, I was struck by the number of excuses and reasons that women find to not create.  

I know I am an incredibly lucky girl in many ways.  Supportive parents, BIG life lessons about the preciousness of life, early creative surroundings, an artistic husband and no kids of my own have all conspired together to make me quite comfortable spending time writing.  In fact, in our house we often ignore things like laundry and cleaning in favour of a few more minutes making our dreams happen.

Having said that, I couldn't figure out why the chapter made me so uncomfortable until I read the quote I shared at the top of this page.  I'll add it again here in case you missed it:  "For too many women, doubting the legitimacy of their inspirations chokes their creative spirit." - Gail McMeekin.  As I said, I have no trouble spending time writing, but whenever I pick up a paintbrush I feel like I should be doing other things.  I should be writing - that is where my skills are - that is where I might have a shot at creating something worthwhile.


Last year I had a brainwave for a wonderful website.  I am in love with this idea.  I bought the web address, I have been scribbling about it ever since, but I haven't gotten past tinkering with page one.  Why?  Because it requires me to make art and because it is NOT a way of making money.  The lesson? Creativity that creates even the remotest possibility of income = valid.  Creativity that is just creating beauty in the world for the sake of it = something to cram in after all of the other to-dos have been taken care of.  

On Friday I had a little meltdown.  I was at work and was listening to something on my ipod that make me cry.  Luckily I was alone, because it was one of those messy talking to the universe, God, and anyone else who might be listening cries.  I wanted to know what to do to make a situation I am in better.  When I was all cried out (and the universe could get a word in edgewise) I started thinking about that idea again, complete with a new and enticing angle.  In fact, whenever I am feeling sorry for myself, this idea pops into my head again.  I keep pushing it down, thinking that I'll do it when my other shoulds are done.  I think that this time I will listen.  In fact, I am going to make it a priority.

Seeing the act of creating as a legitimate use of our time makes us make time.  It becomes a priority no matter how much washing needs doing or how much other people need us.  The only thing stopping us from focusing on our Self is our own perception of the validity of what we are doing.  We need to place value on the things that we love to do, and then we will not feel guilty doing them.  The world needs our creative energy, it doesn't need more guilt!

"In order to succeed, you must create a space, commit the time, value it, and fight for it.  And yes, give some things up." - Gail McMeekin


D said...

Such a great post Megg! The whole last paragraph had me saying Yes! Yes! The world does need our creative energy and NOT our guilt.

It's so much about staying connected to who we are and what makes us happy individuals. Once we know that we can feed that part of ourselves and really feel whole.

chocolate covered musings said...

go for it babe!

i was just thinking about writing some words of encouragement on my blog (to anyone who would read them, and for everyone, regardless of whether they read my blog or not), about doing one thing today that is brave - one small thing that is all about living the life i want, how i want, in all my fragility and fears, being brave when i want to be otherwise, putting myself out there - saying 'here i am, this is me, please come meet me here...'

thinking of you today


Vee said...

Hi there, do you have an email address where I could reach you?

Anonymous said...

oh meg,

i really needed to read this -- and i need to revisit this post every day. i struggle with this so much. since i have a "career" that i love deeply, i keep making excuses for not creating and yet i am constantly walking around feeling like something is missing...because it is. thanks for the inspiration and wisdom today. xoxo

Jo said...

So true for so many of us. Sus just sent me your blog address but (ssshhh...)I'm a lurker already.
Hi :)

Genie Sea said...

Indeed! And best of luck with it. :)

The only thing stopping us is us. Absolutely right on! I'm glad you listened to the Universe and can't wait to see what you come up with. There is no price value on that! :)

jennlui said...

beautiful post megg!!! i find when we push something down (ideas, things we want to do...), it always find it's way back up up up... and will haunt us until we take action. fabulous to hear that you'll leap!!! all the very best to you on this new adventure!!! can't wait to hear more!!!

peace and love

Pherenike said...

I totally know where you are coming from. Im struggling with that myself. But Im also moving through it and creating new beliefs. Its a process and I always need constant reminders, so, thank you.

chest of drawers said...

Absolutely!!! I know so many women here where I live who are programmed to do only what´s good for the husband, the family, the kids, the job...they get to a point in their lives where they can´t anymore because where are they supposed to get the energy from? It´s so important that we do things that are fun, that make us feel alive, that let us forget our responsibilities - mini holidays. ps: thanks for dropping by on my blog, things are great! Can´t wait to see the website your talking about!

Jessie said...

I too am one of the lucky ones who has a lifestyle that supports being creative. But you pointed out something very important and that is that we need to give ourselves permission to truly value those things that fill, energize, and inspire us.

It's one thing to make time for making time to create for enjoyment, it's another thing to do it without guilt.

Next time I feel guilty I'm going to ask myself a question: "Do I deserve this?" I have a feeling that the answer will always be: "YES." ;)

I love you, my friend. Your letters are journeying to you now...

Here's to the love, passion, and abundance that lives on the other side of those tears.

Jamie Ridler said...

Amen, sister!

"The world needs our creative energy" You know, I was just on this powerful course and in a passionate moment of conviction, that's exactly what I asserted to the group. No wonder we're friends :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree it is our own perceptions regarding the validity of our creative endeavors that is key to unlocking so much great stuff within us! Your story about our idea is one I can relate to in that when my angels are trying to tell me something and I am too busy to listen, they are always so very patient. They keep whispering it into my ear until I take notice!

enchantedartist said...

Oh yes!! I totally understand this too Megg...I hope you'll go for it...I would love to see where it leads you! :)

maddie said...


yes yes yes!!

i just love you so much

i always get all inspired
and energized when i visit

Marianne said...


Deirdre said...

This way we deny ourselves permission to make art or write, or any other soul nurturing activity, is so self-defeating. As is the way we too often attach only monetary value to what we create.

That said, I also find myself dancing around making time to create - I tell myself I'll do it after work, after the housework is done, when I have more time. The list is endless. And I know darn well I'll be happier after I've written or glued something pretty together.

Pamela said...


I just recently discovered your blog and find it most inspiring. This post spoke to me and was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

I look forward to the future creative endeavors you'll share with us here!

iGoddess' evil shoe-loving twin said...


I knew you could do it.