Sunday, February 01, 2009

Short and Sweet

About your goal: "If you carry on as you are, will you achieve it?”
- Paul McKenna

Artwork and Photograph by Jessie M. of Patch of Sky and Stray Dog Arts

Okay, so I blatantly lied to you about coming back and telling you all about Grenada. I may still do a post about it, but the last few days have past in a post-vacation brain freeze and I just can't summon the nowse to do anything. Even today, after going through some of the 457 entries in my Bloglines account, I find I cannot do it. I'm still hibernating. Tomorrow I go back to work. Tomorrow I get back to reality. Today I am staying in my cocoon!

So instead of anything of ME, here are some of the things I have found lately that make me happy!

1. This blogger. She is new to me, but I am finding her blog pure delight!

2. This same blogger's Women's Circle starting in March. It looks like just what the Dr. ordered!

3. This book by Martha Beck. I was loaned it on holiday after I'd finished the FIVE novels I had with me. Within 39 pages I had one of those put-down-the-book-and look-around-with-amazement moments that you sometimes get when you realize something new about yourself.

4. Susannah's new e-course: Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self looks amazing! She is an incredible photographer (it is her skill that made me look as good as I do in the photograph in my header!!) She is insightful and charming and will bring out the best in anyone who wants to take up her challenge!

5. Jessie's word of the day posts and her beautiful artwork. Jessie is walking, talking, typing, painting inspiration!

6. This great blog. I don't know whose it is, but imagine my surprise one day to go there and find a quote by ME!

7. SQUAM. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be there. Do you hear me Universe? Please help me get to Squam this year. (After you help me get published, maybe I could have a book launch there. Is that asking too much? Chuckle.) So many dear souls are going to be there. I am a camp junkie - did it all of my life - and this would be like the best parts of camp PLUS filled with creativity and talent and women I am already friends with who I haven't met in person!! OH. SQUAM. PLEASE?!?!?

8. This is VERY cool. I want one of these couches and one of these chairs so much my mouth waters just thinking about them!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Silvia said...

oh. thanks for linking to that blog full of quotes. I love quotes!!!


Genie Sea said...

I want more Megg dammit! *best imitation of a two year old pout*


Just kidding!

Enjoy your last day of vacation! Savor it! Thank you for the links :)

jennlui said...

oooohhhh megg!!! you are SO sweet!!! hee hee!!! and YOU are pure magic!!! can't wait to begin our fabulicious journey in march together!!! hee hee!!!

enjoy every last moment of your vacation sweets!!! and thank YOU for all the link love!!!

peace out

Ange said...

hi! imagine my surprise when reading along I discovered your link to my quote blog! thanks so much for mentioning it. i love reading your blog and find loads of inspiration in it - so even if we don't get to hear about Grenada, i really hope you don't stop blogging!

chocolate covered musings said...

that unravelling course looks amazing! bad timing for me right now though, so i hope she does another :)

i've got my fingers, arms, legs, toes and eyes crossed hoping you can make it to squam. i've got my rego form all filled in, just need to get to a bank to get a cheque to go with it! how neat it would be to have you there!!!

hope you had a fab holiday.

(and yes, yes, yes to a circle gathering here... i thought i'd call one once i get back from a trip to nz later this month). places to recommend we hold it?

Vivienne said...

wow! tons of beautiful inspiration here to start off a monday right!

i'm pumped to be taking susannah's course. its gonna be grand! and that patchwork couch i seriously covet! squam too...i'm really hoping to manifest a way to get there. yes, i do live on the same continent as the even, but it sure can be pricy to get from one side of it to the other!!! so hope to see you there! wouldn't that be amazing!

Brandi said...

nice to see you back sweetie. enjoy the cocoon while you can :-)