Monday, July 31, 2006

another month gone!

"Once you’ve overcome inertia, it’s much easier to keep going." - Steve Pavlina

Can you believe that tomorrow is August!? I am flabbergasted and astounded that this year has gone by so quickly. That old cliche about life going faster and faster as you get older scares me. If life is moving this quickly in my thirties, what sort of speed will it go in my forties?? Urk!

I feel like I need to do something to mark the passage of time a little better. I feel like the weeks are rolling by and I have no real record of my days. I tried keeping a daily Gratitude Journal, but anything that I have to do before bed goes by the wayside eventually. I used to be an evening person - an owl - but in this third decade of my life I have realized that I am definitely a lark. I've been getting up at 6am to run (yes, me!!) and I have found that if I can write before lunch I get a lot more done. So perhaps a morning memorial to my days is a good plan.

A few days ago Jamie at Starshyne Productions wrote about keeping a Spell/ Prayer/ Magic book. I absolutely love this idea! I love it because it is very open in its brief. As someone who writes a lot, sometimes writing for personal pleasure outside of Getting Something Done is difficult. This book lets me free of that stress because I don't have to even put words in if I don't want to! So I am copying her (thanks Jamie!) and I am going to create my very own 'Spells and Prayers and Magic' book. And as tomorrow is August first, I am going to try to keep it up for a whole month. A month, says Steve Pavlina, is long enough to see how something is going without committing to anything forever. So I'd like to see where I will be after a month of spells and prayers and magic. Sounds intriguing doesn't it?

And hopefully September first won't sneak up on me so quickly.


b/sistersshoes said...

Take it from someone who knows...

In your 40's everything falls...yep, the falling 40's.

So if you still have anything perky right now, take a's only a matter of time...on a happier note...

you definately feel more wise? Great!...saggy wisdom..oh well

xxx d

la vie en rose said...

sounds cool. i'm going to take some new plunges in august too--i'm going to join liz in her mirror experiement and i'm going to try out veganism. one month, and if i don't like it/can't hack it i'll go back to plain ol' vegetarianism.

Jamie said...

Meg! I'm so glad to hear that my wish book inspired you! I hope that your new book holds all your wishes, prayers and spells in a sacred space with strong and gentle hands. My book is going to include a wish to send magic your way and see your prayers come true!

Letha Sandison said...

Wow Meg, well done you for running!!! And writing!! I can't wait to read it.

I am forever shocked by how quickly time flies. I swear it terrifies me at times. I know this year is going to fly by...yikes.

I can't wait to see how this month of spell casting goes :)