Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ten Beans to Spill

Susannah tagged me days ago to do this and I completely forgot about it until this minute. (If you haven't read her blog yet, she's only a week into blogging and I highly recommend her site!)

I'm supposed to spill Ten Beans About Myself. So here goes:

1. I was born on October 25, 1974. This makes me a Scorpio and an autumn baby - both of which I really love.

2. I have a joint honours degree in History and in English and a Bachelor of Education.

3. I am a hoarder and a collector - mostly of quotes, inspirational writing, postcards, poetry, books, ribbons (accidentally,) and sea glass. (And pj bottoms - I LOVE them!!)

4. I have over 100 people directly related to me! My parents are still happily married and I have one younger brother who is about to be a dad (momentarily) which makes me very homesick.

5. I love the smell of fresh basil.

6. I have been a construction worker, the Arts and Crafts director at two summer camps, a teacher, an ice cream girl, and a costumed pioneer who got to bake bread for a living.

7. I once won the "best actress in festival" award at a drama festival in high school. I loved being in plays but the theatre people in my university were intimidating and scary so I haven't been in a show since.

8. I moved to England after university with no job, no contacts, no money, and no plan. My Mom was scared for me so she bought me three nights in a hotel. I still can't believe I did it.

9. I can't eat raw fruit. Well... I can eat it but it doesn't stay with me very long.

10. I have a tattoo.

I would like Jamie, Laini, Alexandra, Claudia and Tara Dawn to do this if you don't mind girls - I always like learning new things about you! And if anyone else is inspired - I'd love to read more about you, too!!

P.S. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the words of support this week. I'm truly okay - but I am so glad that so many of you found inspiration to be all of yourselves as well. We can't be afraid to put it all out there if we want to. Truth is where power is in writing. And talking about things helps us heal. I really believe that! xoxo


Susannah said...

Fantastic beans there Megg! i'd love to hear more about why you decided to move to England - why girl why? with our crappy weather, you must have been mad :-) but then again, you found love, and *that* was the reason you had to be here. (ps. i have 2 tattoos - i'll show you mine if you show me yours, when we get together for that glass of wine... :-)

Cate said...

I'm so impressed with #8--such courage that had to have taken!

It was fun learning all of these new things about you, Meg! Glad you are feeling a bit better! xo

liz elayne said...

i love these lists and the glimpses they give...i know i always say that but it is true!
love that you have these collections (i have a pj bottoms collection as well and a dream to one day open a shop called pj bottoms {and tops}).
how amazing #8 is. you are so brave my dear.
i want to know more about #10.
oh and #5 - me too! I can't wait to plant all the different kinds in our tiny patch of garden again this year!!

tara dawn said...

I love learning these new things about you...and you are right about Susannah's is much I am wishing I could morph myself across the Atlantic right now and come visit both of you.
I will post my answers to this soon!
Love to you,

chest of drawers said...

Thanks for spilling the beans...making my list certainly bought back a lot of old memories.

Marilyn said...

My first thought seeing your DOB was, "Oh my god, you're so young!" And then I realized that just because you were born the year after I graduated from high school doesn't mean that it wasn't over 30 years ago. ;) You got tagged by someone who's been blogging a WEEK?! Sheesh. I didn't understand what a meme was until I'd been blogging for two years!

Laini Taylor said...

What wonderful details you've come up with about yourself. Thanks for the tag -- I'm already brainstorming on my secrets (next post!). I'd love to read more about your scary first days in England some time. What an adventure, and with such a wonderful outcome: love!

Jamie said...

Woohoo I'm so excited you tagged me for this one. I'm plotting and planning what details I'm going to spill!

I'm so glad to have found out more about you! How brave you were to head to England! What's your tatoo of?

And, I so know what you're talking about with drama students - bleh! Your experience is one of the main reasons I am interested in continuing to create performance and dance experiences that everyone can have a blast being a part of!

Shannon (Sentimental) said...

I love the whole idea of this!