Thursday, March 09, 2006

Poetry Thursday

Today is my first post for Poetry Thursday. This is one of my favorite poems of all time. I think I like it because I first read it when I was going through a yucky relationship. We all have at least one of those relationships in our past that make us cringe, shake our head, and say, "what was I thinking?!" But to be slightly cliched, I believe that each one of our 'bad' relationships prepares us for our good ones. So now I can read this poem and laugh at myself back then. What WAS I thinking?! (I can't remember who wrote this so if someone else knows, I'll edit the post!)

having a relationship
with you
is like riding
a 3-speed bicycle
in rush-hour traffic
up yonge st.-

too many people
and besides
it's dangerous

i got hit
by a bus 1 day
& didn't know what hit me
till i struck the pavement
& saw this great big
bus' body
going past me
2 inches from
my hand on the ground

what happened
a man asked
did your bike
get caught in the grating?

no i said
grating, my foot!
a bus just hit me
what does it look like?

(realizing i could've been killed
& no one would've
even noticed-
not even the bus)

falling in love with you
was like
being hit
by a bus-

i wasn’t killed
but i wouldn't do it again.



On another note, I have officially gone out and run for the first time. An enormous thank-you to those who took the time to give their advice and support on my post yesterday. With all of those positive vibes it was slightly less difficult to go out today. It hailed. It poured. It was freezing. I couldn't breathe. My boyfriend is a saint. But I am back, I am alive, I DID it, and Yes, I am going out again on Saturday.


Caroline said...

This poem could almost express my relationship to running!


Jamie said...

Meg, I love the poem. I could just see Yonge Street and the traffic and the weight and size of that bus-body. You have a great way with writing. The poem is so real, honest, tangible and has a sense of humour.

Congratulations on your first run! If you could do it on a day like that, you are off to an amazing start!

Cate said...

You inspire me, Megg! The running, the poetry, the reflection, the photography, your fabulous way of inviting us into the scrumptious minutiae of your life. I look forward to reading your words EVERY DAY!

GreenishLady said...

I like that poem a lot. Thanks. ... and well done on the run! Now go and dance!

tara dawn said...

Oh, the truth this poem speaks...and thank God for getting hit by that's made us all stronger and more beautiful women in the process.
I am so proud of you, girl! Running requires enough motivation in itself; to run in such weather...WOW! I must say, I am quite impressed but not a bit surprised. Keep those feet moving...perhaps you will motivate me to move my own a little more:)

Laini Taylor said...

That's great, Meg. Keep it up! I am a terrible one to talk, though -- I bought TWO pairs of new running shoes right after Christmas to bribe myself to get back to the gym -- and neither pair have made it out of the box yet!! I really really really must go... Anyway, keep it up, it gets better! (I seem to remember)

M said...

I totally agree with Caroline about it expressing my relatinship with running!! But it reminds me of one or two relationships as well. I'm with you, you can only recognize the good ones once you've survived the bad ones. Gotta luv Englishmen as well! Thanks for your lovely post on my blog- your words always make my day! I totally think of you as an are committing to your craft and showing up at the page regularly, you are living a life full of choices for yourself and your writing- its inspiring!! Congrats on the run too! Well done, take it one run at a time. Let me know if you find any methods of motivation to keep moving, I'm starting to falter myself.

HoBess said...

Congratulations on the run! It will get easier. Getting out the door is the hardest part, and you already looked Mother Nature square in the eye and said "You can't stop me!"

fin said...

very sweet!

la vie en rose said...

i just love this poem. it's new to me. thanks for sharing!

Letha Sandison said...

Good for you with the running! Keep it up, it gets better. I too have been training in crap weather, makes you feel like you deserve a pat on the back...AND YOU DO!!!

A little poetry for the soul and running for the body...seems like a good balance :)

Karen said...

You go girl!!!

M said...

Just found a good site about running, from near your neck of the woods....
hope it works!

chest of drawers said...

I´ve been hit by "that" bus a few times - great poem! And you´re right, it does prepare us for the good relationship and help us recognised it when it arrives.
Keep up the running! I´m sticking to walking at the moment until the snow melts.

Helen said...

Great poem and 'keep on running!' Helen

Sky said...

:) I left that bus on the east coast when I moved west! And, yes, I agree that sometimes it is good preparation for our futures. I am a much smarter woman from having been hit, and I was able to recognize real love after that collision. :)

gkgirl said...

this is great...