Friday, March 03, 2006

tagged AGAIN!!

Here's my other tag! I got it from m payne. It is another list so I wanted to wait at least a few days after my many listy posts!!

Three things you wish for (just for you):

1. I wish that I had enough money to fly home whenever I wanted.
2. I wish for enough money to not be stressed about money.
3. I wish my family and friends and me were all healthy and disease free (yes, I know that seems like it is for other people but is also selfish. I love them and don't want to lose them.)

Three things you would do to/for you if there was no one to judge you (or if you had the guts.)

1. Buy a huge shelving unit and fill it with all of the art and writing supplies I could get my hands on!
2. Drop everything and take a trip that included: Macchu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, the Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka that lets you work there for a month, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Austria (to visit Claudia,) Holland and a Winnebago trip through the States (seein' the sites and meetin' other fellow bloggers) - not necessarily in that order!
3. Have my first facial and day at a spa.

Three bad habits you have.

1. Lazy, lazy, selectively LAZY!
2. Apologizing
3. I'm a paper pack rat - quotes, clippings, recipes, articles, exercises, etc., etc.

Three insecurities you feel:

1. I feel guilty really easily - I'm an apologizer.
2. I'm insecure about my looks - but I'm working on it!
3. That I'm not good enough to be a "Writer."

Three talents/skills you wish you had:

1. I want to learn to Knit. My Oma makes amazing knitted things. I have a kit & I am going to "learn myself"
2. The ability to cook calmly (I don't like it and I get really worked up when I do it.)
3. The ability to drive standard.

Three things you would do if you had more time:

I'm not sure I can answer this question properly. I have SO much time on my hands right now, but I find when I have a lot to do I get more done. When I am responsible for my own deadlines and my own time I am less productive. I have no excuses but I still am not getting everything done. I'm going to add my own question instead: Three things you would do if you had enough money:

1. Fund Melba's conference.
2. Get my website up and running properly.
3. Pay off everyone I know's student loans and my family's mortgages.

Three things that bring you peace and relaxation:

1. Mark
2. Walking
3. Writing

Three things that spark your creativity:

1. The amazing ladies whose blogs I read
2. Great books
3. Writing

Three people I'm tagging:

Hmmm... this is tricky. I'm not sure people haven't done this one before so I am going to tag Jamie, Claudia and Tara Dawn. (Chiquitas: if you don't want to do another tag, I understand!)

P.S. Does anyone else think it's strange that on BLOGGER's website the words 'blog' and 'blogger' are not in the spell check?!

Have a remarkable weekend!!


Bohemian Girl said...

wonderful list!

i get worked up in the kitchen too. i cracked up out loud when i read that.

perhaps we can find a book on Zen Cooking or something? : )


Cate said...

Your lists speak volumes about the kind of person you are--selfless, generous, thoughtful. I know you'll shrug off that remark, but drink it up, girly--we would all be better off if they were more people like you!


1. You ARE good enough to be a writer, and you already are an amazing one! Your words entertain and delight so many of us on a daily basis. You prompt us to pause for reflection, and you feed our spirits!

2. I would love to shuffle through your paper collection. I'll bet there are so many tasty morsels in there!

3. I just loved your thoughts about cooking: "I don't like it and I get really worked up when I do it." I love to cook, but I often get worked up, too. It's hard getting everything to come together at the right time. That's why I usually enjoy a glass of wine while I do it!

4. You MUST soon book yourself an appointment at the spa. It is a healthy indulgence and I personally love to be picked at!

Thank you for your comments on my blog, esp. the most recent one about feeling blocked. You so left a calming impression with me--I felt peaceful and less alone!

Thank you, Megg, very much! Happy writing to you this weekend!

P.S. Sorry to hi-jack (spelling?) your blog here!

melba said...

You made me smile from ear to ear! There is so much fear involved with putting ourselves out there, you know what I mean? I find your words amazingly comforting; just knowing someone believes in me! I am grateful.

You called yourself lazy. I do that sometimes too. But today I read week nine of The Artist's Way and there is this section that says "Blocked artists are not lazy. They are blocked. " That really resonated with me because I think I over use and mis use the word lazy. The book also says compassion serves us better. I agree. Remember you are talented and worthy of praise, admiration, and success!

Laini Taylor said...

Fun list, Meg. I relate to so much on there: the places you want to travel, the things you wish for -- the health of my loved ones would be one of mine, too, and I know it does seem a little greedy, but what can we do? They're our wishes! Also, about learning to knit: if at all possible, learn from your Oma. Learn as soon as you can. I'll always be so sad I didn't learn to sew from my grandmother!

Blue Dog said...

I liked reading your one word answers to what brings you peace and relaxation--such simple, yet perfect answers. I also liked your idea of buying a huge shelving unit and filling it with supplies--sounds like heaven!

This was a great "list." It says a lot about you. I see someome that is a generous, creative, and adventurous soul!

Hope you have a remarkable weekend too! :)

chest of drawers said...

Hi Meg!
You are welcome any time!!!
I´ll show you all my favourite shops so you can fill those shelves. And I agree with Cate on all 4 points!

Alexandra S said...

I can't WAIT to see your website Megg! How much longer do you think it will be? I wanted to tell you too the Geneen Roth book was The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It. It was beautiful- autobiographical, about moving forward in life, despite or because of our losses. Its about her relationship with herself, husband, father, cat- its a very rich book, highly recommended! Melba's conference does sound great too I agree. Perhaps we will all go somehow?

Karen said...

I can help with the knitting!! Next time you're home we've got a date with a cup of tea and some yarn. :) xoo k

Wenda said...

Megg, I've been catching up on your writing today, enjoying each post so very much for the way you use words and for the honesty I hear, and I could have stopped at each and every post to make some comment to let you know how I felt connected to what you said.

I prefer reading your words to commenting on them, but I want you to know that I was here and that I am with you on so many levels. Just one of those is my amazement, too, that the blogger spellcheck doesn't know the word blog.