Saturday, March 25, 2006

what I want.

This is only a partial list. It's what I could fit on the page. There are SO many other things I haven't listed. Starting to want things can become addictive! But what I really want is: to be comfortable in my own skin, security, for my friends and family to be healthy, and to be a success in whatever I choose to put my energy into.

I've been talking to Laini & she has agreed to help me start Sunday Scribblings (see yesterday's post!) so it'll probably start next week! YAY!! Let me know if you have any suggestions for it/ thoughts about it/ ideas about it/ ideas for prompts, etc.

P.S. Start saving your pennies and get out your calendars!! Melba has decided on dates and location and everything for JustBe!! It's going to be AMAZING!!!

P.P.S. Thank you so much to those of you who took the time to say such supportive things. I'm BACK ON THE HORSE & sending it out into the world again!! Grrrrooooooowwwwlllll!!!


Jessie said...

I'm looking forward to Sunday Scribblings! And thanks for your comment on my "other" blog. I promise, not all my posts are that weird. :)-

As for your wish list... "to be comfortable in my own skin, security, for my friends and family to be healthy, and to be a success in whatever I choose to put my energy into." To this, I say: Cheers!

melba said...

Just wanted to say hi super fast. I am at my mom's in NY and so behind in reading emails and blogs...I don't want to ignore my mom, but it is difficult to be away from the computer! This morning on my laptop I saw your email (the only one I read because it was from you!) So happy for you to be part of the team. Promise to write (and read have lots of new posts here) soon!
Much Love, Melba

HoBess said...

So looking forward to Sunday Scribblings ... and just be ... Thanks for sharing the link!

tara dawn said...

Yay, yay, yay! Good for you! I hope the enthusiasm and excitement that seeps from this post! And I'm already saving for the JustBe! How absolutely wonderful!
By the way, I love the "i want..." pictures...yes!
love, love, love

chest of drawers said...

Hi Meg!
Your book will find it´s way I´m sure!
I love all that you "want"!
I´d love to join the Sunday Scribblings - sounds like a great challenge!
Hope you´re having a nice Sunday!

liz elayne said...

Oh the power of listing these wants and putting them out into the world. I love this. I say again, I LOVE THIS!!!
And congratulations on finding your growl this weekend!
And can't wait to see what next Sunday brings!

Jamie said...

What a great I Want list and what a colourful and fun way to create it. When I looked at it I thought -Wow, no wonder I've connected to Meg here! And you can check off "to inspire someone" - you do that in spades! :)

And way to get back in the saddle! Your book will find its way!

Living Part Deux said...

GROWL. Right there with you. I can hear it in my heart. You're great - you didn't lose your momentum or your spirit.

I can't tell you what inspiration your "want" post has been to me. It's churning in my chest and I'm about to be able to speak my wants. Thank you again.

Laini Taylor said...

I wish Just Be was sooner so we'd all be able to meet in person in the next year -- but it's good that it's a ways away for organizing, saving money, etc. Looking forward to it! Also looking forward to "scribbling". Love that word. I heard an author speak once who said that he "wiggles his fingers for a living" and I like that too!

M said...

This is wonderful, I may have to steal your brainstorming idea and do one myself! We all should. I can't wait for Sunday Scribblings!! I love the prompts from Julia Cameron's books. Or prompts for students in schools, like journalling classes, etc.- very basic, but help you get to the core of writing. I'll see what I can find.

la vie en rose said...

you go girl!

and i'm so looking forward to sunday scribblings!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this - how inspiring! I think I will paste it in my journal... if I make one, I will let you know :)