Thursday, March 16, 2006

Poetry Thursday

"Be as healthy, as vibrant, as beautiful, as authentic as you possibly can be, in a way that speaks silently to others, You can be this, too." - Rachel Snyder

Ever since yesterday I have felt strange. I have had a funny witchy cackle in my head. It kind of sounds a bit like the laugh Janis Joplin does at the end of Mercedes Benz, but longer and more spirited and fiesty. I'm not sure where it has come from, but I like it! I kind of feel like releasing myself to want - desire - pursue has freed me to realize those things that I REALLY WANT. I have begun making a list and I will share it when it's done.

I was a bit nervous of writing that post yesterday. When I had posted it I changed it lots of times before I finally let it go. I held my breath a little, waiting to see what people would say. When I went back to see if there were any comments, I was uplifted and thrilled and warmed and inspired by all of the truth and honesty there. (Thank you SO much!) THAT'S when the cackle started. Then I got an email from my brother with his list too (thanks Dave!) - and the cackle got louder and louder. I'm not sure where inside me it's coming from yet, but I look forward to getting to know this part of me. I don't want it to go away ever again.

This is something else from my Illustrated Journal. I got it from an Oprah magazine. I loved it then, and today I know it's something that I WANT. I want to burn with passion for my own life. I also want to inspire other people to have passion for their own lives by living my own in this way. I hope this poem inspires you too.

When she walks into the room,

everybody turns:

some kind of light is coming from her head.
Even the geraniums look curious...
We're all attracted to the perfume
of fermenting joy,

we've all tried to start a fire,
and one day maybe it will blaze up on its own.
In the meantime, she is the one today among us
most able to bear the idea of her own beauty,
and when we see it, what we do is natural:
we take our burned hands
out of our pockets,
and clap.

-Tony Hoagland


Living Part Deux said...

Another WONDERFUL post! Your post of yesterday has haunted me hour upon end. Want, want, want. Say the word. It's okay to say the word! It's not horribly selfish. It's life sustaining. I'm working on my list, too. Inspiration enlarges others in the vicinity. Thank you!

chest of drawers said...

Wonderful poem!!! I can feel your light in every word you write.

la vie en rose said...

oh that poem brought tears to my eyes. yes! Yes! YES! i want to be that woman! i can hear the clapping now!

liz elayne said...

oh i have chills up and down my body. you are starting something here Meg. i have heard the call.

Cate said...

Oh, this is a wonderful poem, Megg! I've discovered what I want. I want to be that woman! Thank you so much for sharing those inspirational words!

Also, I just smiled at your description of your outlook since posting yesterday. I have felt that nervousness before submitting a post, esp. one that is "all me" and deeply personal. I'm so grateful that you let us into that world.

Letha Sandison said...

I LOVED this poem annd post!

I think you are an inspiration and light to others. In reading your comments here, isn't it amazing how many you touch?? Well done Megg and I can't wait to read your next post!!

HoBess said...

These past two posts are just wonderful, Meg. I'll take your challenge and savor every moment you share of the challenges you give yourself. Thanks for continuing to inspire me...

Alexandra S said...

Oh I like this poem Megg! I never heard of the poem or the poet before. I love discovering new writers. I tend to orbit the books of my favorite writers too much and I think its time to venture out further and let myself discover some new ones. I am reading a book right now (self-help) called Broken Open. Its so very good. It has slipped into my life at just the right moment.

kelly rae said...

i found you via Laini. you have a really great blog with wonderful writing and photos. i hear much of your voice in my own, the wanting, the being afraid, the bravery.

Sky said...

Great post and poem! Now I need to go read some older posts here! I have a feeling I am in for a delightful read! :)

Karen said...

What a wonderful poem. Curious geraniums. Who has 'she' been in your life? For some reason C. Bond from camp comes into my head when I read that poem.

jenclair said...

I knew the line I was going to refer to, but always read through the comments before leaving my own, and Karen mentioned it first.
"Even the geraniums look curious..." Wonderful.

Thanks, for a new poem and poet to slip into my pocket!