Thursday, February 09, 2006

magic and wonder

"It's simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons." Sarah Ban Breathnach
So the internet and I are kind of in a fight. First blogger, then our connection, then our server have caused me problems in the last little while. Sigh. I've written two posts since my last one & neither have worked out. Let's see if today is the money shot!!

I wanted to put this picture on today because I realize that I have been very serious and introspective lately and I needed to perk things up!! This fantastic creature was created by Mark when we were in Canada over Christmas. He and my Dad made the most amazing snowman (I'll post a picture when I can find one!) on Christmas Eve in the back yard. Mark hadn't seen snow since he was about eight so building a snowman was pretty high on my to-do list this trip. Then, on my Dad's birthday, my Mom mentioned that it would be nice to have one on the front lawn for when people came over for the party. So they went out to get started. Dad was called away so four hours and a bit of help from me later, this dragon graced our front lawn. I am constantly amazed by the creativity and talent of this man I love!

What this picture doesn't capture is that this dragon was more than six feet high and had a tail that looped out of the lawn three times. It was remarkable. The best part is that everyone thought so - people began stopping their cars by our house to look at the dragon. People in the grocery store and at my Mom's work asked her about it. We watched one morning as two women pulled their car up, got out, and proceeded to take each other's photograph with their arms wrapped around it. Another morning Mom couldn't get out to go to work because some teenagers in a pickup truck were parked across our driveway. They wouldn't move until they had gotten a photograph on their telephones. On it's second day of life it rained and we feared the worst. But that night it went very very cold and he froze solid and stayed that way for weeks!!

We're going out today to collect our friend Matt from the train. I am excited because we get to drive to Totnes. On the way we will be driving down tiny country lanes bordered by hedges, we will drive through little towns with stone churches and 'local' pubs. We'll pass tiny thatched cottages and get glimpses of stunning views through breaks in the hedge. Usually I do this drive and notice a few things but it has almost become automatic because we do it so often. Today I intend to pay attention. There is real magic in the hills here. My friend Karen says we live in Hobbit-land and she's right. It's charming. I am going to notice it again.

Today I wish for you that you stop and pay attention. I hope that you will be inspired to notice things that you normally take for granted. I hope that you see your surroundings and loved ones with new and appreciative eyes. Truly, magic and beauty are everywhere if you remember to look for them. And you never know, while you are looking for them you might even see other things that inspire, amaze, and even surprise you - like a snow-dragon on someone's front lawn!!

"When you discover the universe is full of magic, you fall in love with the world." - Phyllis Curott


Laini Taylor said...

Hi Meg! Internet problems, eh? I was wondering where you were the last few days! The snowdragon is great -- we never get enough snow to make such things here, but when it does snow any significant amount dozens of dingy little snow people pop up everywhere, always grey and dirty with bits of pine needles poking out as kids scrape through the gutters for every little ounce of snow! We call them "ghetto snowmen" and they are a very sad affair.

Your drive to Totnes sounds so beautiful. I've really been craving a little short adventure, a trip maybe to Ashland in southern Oregon, a gorgeous little town on the California border where there's a famous Shakespeare festival and a big raging river through forests and ravines to the Pacific. Soon. Tomorrow though Alexandra and I are going to Seattle for the weekend so hopefully we'll make some small adventure out of it! Have a great weekend yourself!

Connie and Rob said...

That Snow Dragon is just amazing. I think I would seriously cry when he starts to melt. So glad you shared that photo with us!

Hope you have a wonderful drive through your Hobbit-land. Hope you get a chance to take a picture or two. It sounds so charming.

Take care,

chest of drawers said...

My kids are amazed by the photo of that dragon! Guess what I´ll be outside doing when the next snow falls?
I love your view on everything and this little community we are building is really changing my outlook...I am MUCH more able to stop - notice and appreciate this wonderful life!

Blue Dog said...

Thank you for the reminder. I will take your advise. :)

Alexandra S said...

I am totally amazed by that dragon! What a guy! You have a boyfriend who is a dragonmaker- how neat is that! That could come in very handy. And thank you for your wishes of magic and wonder. As Laini and I drive to Seattle tomorrow, I will keep my eyes peeled for it and report back to you. (I wish you could come with us!) p.s. A REAL email to follow soon- being a worktroll during the week I don't have the time or focus I need to email much, but its coming-to chest of drawers too!)

la vie en rose said...


The Silent K said...

Oh my god.

This is the coolest thing. I saved the picture actually, to remind me not to hate the snow so much.