Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who am I?

This is my favorite picture of my Grandparents! I love it because it captures who they were and what they loved more than anything.

Blogger wasn't playing last night so I spent a ridiculous hour watching Supernanny and doing personality quizzes on line. I remember in my early 20s I loved that kind of thing. I loved doing personality tests and quizzes. I was desperate for one of them to tell me who I was supposed to be, where I fit in and whether or not who I was was okay.

We all cringe knowing that we are getting older. We know that with each passing year we move closer to being wrinkled and saggy and... well... old. As a society we put such emphasis on the value of being young. But despite all of the scary stuff about aging, I realize now that I am glad I left all of that confusion and angst behind. I still don't know it all. I still have issues that I have to deal with, but I know now that I can deal with those things. I know what I want to do with my life and what I am willing to accept on the way. I guess I know now who I am supposed to be even though that road is still bumpy!

But last night I found out some crucial things about myself that I think have really clarified things for me (har har) and that will help people get to know me better in this online faceless world. So according to the tests, this is who I am:

Celebrity Twin: Drew Barrymore
Star Wars Character: Obi Wan Kenobi
Theme Song: Walking on Sunshine
Bond Film Alter Ego: Solitare (apparently she's a voodoo high priestess?!?)
Chinese Horoscope: Wood Tiger
Star Sign: Scorpio
Desperate Housewife: Lynette (I'm glad - she's my favorite!!)
Ink Blot test: My unconscious mind is driven by love (awww... sweet eh?!)
Royal Most Like: Prince William
Breed of Dog: Collie (I don't know why I am uncomfortable with this one...)
I.Q. Test: I'm an 'Insightful Linguist' (I think that is the coolest!!)
Lucky Number: 4
Aura Colour: Crystal
Trouble-Maker: Risk Taking Rebel (um... okay...)
Inner Rock Star: Britney Spears (uck! Ack! Blech! NEVER. I OBJECT to this ruling!!)
Guardian Animal: Miss Piggy (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I LOVE this!!)

Ridiculous, fun, and slightly enlightening! So do you know me better now? I guess that's me as I travel along my bumpy road.

So who are you?

Have a wonderful, silly weekend!


Caroline said...

Hi Megg thanks for popping by my blog - and I must say yours looks fascinating to me, is this your first blog? You've got into your stride quickly with this blogging thing... but then maybe that's because you are a writer...

Anyway do feel free to volunteer for the interview game even though we've only just met and then I'll have a way to ask you all the questions I want to... oh well 5 anyway!

andrea said...

That's a scary list! :) I love how Caroline has commented before me. We are all just connected links in this cyber world. That photo of your grandparents is great. They're such an attractive couple. Do you know where it was taken?

Caroline said...

Hi Megg I came back as I realised I hadn't mentioned how lovely the photo of your grandparents is. And I find I'm sandwiching Andrea... tee hee... Andrea is a blogger for whom I've got a lot of time! (even if she does call me Carlone... ;-)

Cate said...

You're cracking me up!

Striking picture of your grandparents--I recently received all of my grandmother's old photo albums and have gone wild, scanning and incorporating into my art. Really, an incredible gift.

And I enjoyed what you said about being glad to have passed through that angst period, where you aren't sure who you are or what you want. It's such a relief to just BE!

I'm not familiar with the Bond character, Solitaire, but it's a kicky name! Loved all of the little glimpses into who you are; you just can't go wrong with Miss Piggy as your Guardian Animal!

tara dawn said...

What light-hearted fun...thanks for sharing. And I love the picture of your is so beautiful and evokes so much feeling and pristine beauty.
There's so much I would love to share with you, but these pages where all the world can see are not the right place. Perhaps I could email you sometime?
Sending good thoughts and big hugs,

megg said...

TD - OF COURSE you can! I just left my email on your site. Anytime!!

HoBess said...

This is such fun ... I especially love your Britney reaction (tasteful and to the point!).

What a treasure this shot of your grandparents. Isn't it fascinating to think of these people we only know in their old age as young dreamers?

Caroline said...

Hi Megg - if you don't want to get into the interview game why not start a new game off...

The Commenter's Questioning Game

You set up a posting asking people to put questions in the comments and then in a new post answer them and tag all the people who asked questions to do the same on their blogs!

Connie and Rob said...

Wonderful picture of your grandparents.

I love your guardian animal Miss Piggy. She has it all. I think she will be able to guide you through anything. However don't let her help you pick out your clothes!


Laini Taylor said...

Fun post, Meg! I used to love the little quizzes in 17 Magazine, etc, but haven't taken one in a long time. I can see I should, though, because I could use some special insight into my personality such as you have learned about yours! I also love the photo of your grandparents -- I love the grainy sepia quality of old photos! Somehow it's so much richer than color.

Alexandra S said...

Hi Megg! I love those kinds of quizzes! Have you taken the Myers-Briggs yet? If not, you can go to google and type in "Jung typology test" and then take the test! I'd love to know which type you test as. (I'm INFP. )

la vie en rose said...

HA! I love it!!!

Jamie said...

What an awesome picture of your grandparents. It captures such a beautiful moment.

I hear you on the aging thing. I'm such an age rebel! I never ask anyone how old they are and never tell anyone my age. (I think it took my husband 2 years of dating before he found out!) I just am who I am and figure everyone else is too :)

Knowing that you're an Scorpio insightful linguist surrounded by a crystal aura who secretly wants to boogie like Britney while rebelling and taking risks, all the while protected by Miss Piggy is much more fascinating!

Frankie said...

haha WONDERFUL! I used to love these tests too, although it's been a while since I've taken one. You're results are great though, they brought a huge smile to my face. I certainly feel like I know you SO much better ;). Thanks for sharing these!