Saturday, November 22, 2008


...close your eyes and ask yourself, "If my soul had something to tell me about today, what would it be?" - Denise Linn

Two and a half years ago, I had an inkling for a book. I had scattered thoughts and some scribbled notes, but I couldn't get started. The book that I had in mind was so unusual that I didn't think I had any right to write it. I also didn't know where to start. But my soul was telling me the story anyway, even though I pretended that I didn't know what it was saying. Eventually my soul got tired of whispering and began to shout.

For some reason the week I began the book, I had tried meditating. It was like I could feel that something was trying to come through. I sat in my room and got very quiet, not really knowing what I was doing, but concentrating on my breath. When I came out of the meditation, I had the entire first paragraph resting in my head. I knew where to start. I wrote it down breathlessly. But the hesitation was still there - who am I to write this book?

But every time I hesitated, I would get a sign. The main character came to me with an unusual name. I didn't want to use it, but that weekend I went to Bath (and met the Gorgon in the photo above - talk about a creative fire!) and had a glaring sign that that was the name I needed to use. I kept being drawn to do things I hadn't done for ages - writing morning pages, dancing, colouring, going for walks - and in those moments, the whole book came to me loud and clear. I just needed to get quiet and get into the flow that comes from being creative.

Today in Soul Coaching, Denise talks about creativity. She says: "When you are being truly creative, time stands still, and you enter into a dimension that can carry you beyond the ordinariness of life." (156) I know this to be true. I got a whole book out of it. And this week? This week of fire and energy and creativity? It gifted me with another book. I have another bubbling idea. My advice? Get INTO being creative. Dance or colour or write or meditate or bake or do whatever it is you do that makes you lose track of time, because it is there in that moment that magic happens.


Genie Sea said...

So very true, Megg! When we are still, creation comes, and when we are creating, everything is still.

Thank you for your inspiring post!

I can't wait to read your book! :)

p.s. Who are you to write it? Well, you are the great and powerful MEGG! :)

chest of drawers said...

Who are you NOT to write it if it´s coming to you. I see so many people going through life everyday doing something they hate to earn money to buy things they don´t need. Then there are the others who take the time to go beyond and listen and find something that makes them feel genuine and alive. They (you)are the beauty in this crazy world.

pen* said...

your post gave me the goosebumps... i could feel the awe unfolding throuh your words. it was inspiring too, so thank you. x
ps. i can't wait to read your book(s).

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Go Meg! Cheering for you from the other side of the planet. :)

Liz said...

Oh so very very very cool, cuz really who are any of us to be creating anything, and yet, we do, when we allow ourselves, or when we stop stopping ourselves. I just love how you wrote about this, and love the feeling it gave me to read how this book just bubbled up in you, along with so many other wonderful things!

Ursie B said...

Ooh, I wish you lived closer. I wrote a novel a couple of years ago, came 3/4 of the way through it and then just stopped. Couldn't find the right ending. It's just sitting in my closet, waiting for an ending. I figure I'll finish it SOMEDAY but it sure would be nice to have someone involved in the same writing process to look at it.

Perhaps now that I'm talking about it, signs/ideas will come and I will be able to finish it.


Sacred Suzie said...

Talk about powerful! That is so amazing, I'm glad that you're letting it happen. Characters are so interesting aren't they? They have a life of their own. Let them live.

a space cow-girl said...

oh that is awesome!!! I just want to support your creativity with a resounding YES!

Allison said...

Yes, yes, & YES! You take those creative fires & forge something beautiful to share with the world :]

frustrated artist said...

Your post today is what all this is about. The universe hears us and responds through inspiration...

Annie said...

Lovely post. We just need to be still and have our heart and soul open to hear the voice of inspiration and spirit.

Jamie said...


I'm so excited that you've been gifted with another book. That feels like a gift to all of us!

big hugs,

Amber said...

This makes me panic a little. Because the strange story that has been whispering to me for a long time time seems to be getting more quiet...How do I find it again?


I need this book, I think.


Jaime said...

*When you are being truly creative, time stands still*
Don't you love it when that happens? When you are so into what you are in the moment...that nothing else exists for a time? This is how I feel when I pick up my camera. And you! You are on fire!! It is so inspiring to read your words and absorb some powerful creative energy.


tan!a said...

*Eventually my soul got tired of whispering and began to shout.*


It is so true and yet I find it difficult to be quiet and listen…

Thanks for sharing.

maddie said...


get INTO being creative:)

i always leave here
ready to IMMERSE myself in something

that's what i love about you:)