Saturday, November 08, 2008

Good Things

Here are a few things that made me happy today:

1. This video that I found on Vivienne's blog. I loved it, and I completely fell in love with the song that it is set to. Po' Girl is amazing!

2. This Laini's Lady that is now for sale.

(Psst - it's my face!! Giggle!)

3. This new online course created by the remarkable Leonie.

4. This article at Wishstudio by Brandi.

5. This site is my new obsession. (Reason: I have almost been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. (Almost means that my blood tests are positive, but I have to go through another, more invasive test before they tell me officially.) I'm having some issues with it, most of which is a desire to begin living in a way that will make me FEEL BETTER, but having to wait. This blog has given me hope that I will not be left in a world of cardboard fake-bread.)

6. This post that made me take a deep breath.

7. This post - the first time a towel will make you salivate!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Vivienne said...

i'm so glad you found gluten~free girl. her book is equally beautiful and i highly recommend having it be part of your gluten~free journey! if you need a g.f. cheerleader, i'm here for ya! i've been gluten~free for a long time (the first while not as strictly as i am now) and it can be a really delicious experience as one needsto become a bit more creative with what you eat... shauna (g.f.girl) inspired me so much to explore all sorts of the things i CAN eat!

i'm so glad you loved the video and po girls beautiful songs. since i read your post i decided to put their cd on...such a beautiful way to start a rainy sunday!

i have so much more to respond to from this post, so i'm going to send you an email rather than write the biggest comment ever!

Brandi said...

I don't even have gluten issues and I still love gluten free girl!! Her writing style and inner sharings are amazing.

and thank you for the nod to my article.

I'm honored.


Kel said...

I'm here to thank you for leading me to Soul Coaching. Your posts about it kept speaking to me, and your getting in touch encouraged me to find out more. I've got the book now, and I'm starting with water week. Such perfect timing in my life, I so need to do this to prepare for next year.

Jaime said...

Wow...I have so much to catch up on. You have some lovely links here..enjoyed the video especially!

Now I am off to see what else you have been up to, beautiful you.

Good to see you

daisies said...

:) love that video and your cute face on laini's lady ... hugs

Ursie B said...

Glad you liked the yummy towels! Thanks for the shout out.