Saturday, November 01, 2008

Soul Coaching - Day 1

"The soul loves the truth." - Denise Linn

I am so glad that today is the first day of Soul Coaching. I have so much gratitude for all of October 2008's gifts, but I am ready to get on with November. In October I got married, spent several weeks surrounded in love and family and friendship, and turned 34. October of 2008 is actually a month of enormous changes in another way too. As the month ended I discovered something that has huge implications for the rest of my life. This month will have to partly be about that. (More as I process.)

So Soul Coaching cannot come too soon! Tonight I cleared my desk and my drawers. My creating/ office space is now tidied, organized, cleansed and cleared! My brand new journal is sitting waiting for tomorrow morning, and I am quietly thinking about what is next. I have hesitated doing projects like this on line until now because I wondered whether anyone would want to read along as I worked through such personal stuff. But I have realized that what I think is so personal is often the things that people connect with the most. We are not so separate after all. Blogging has helped me get that.

So for the month of November I have:

- chosen the painting above as my inspirational image for the month. It's by the artist Emily Carr. I have chosen it because she was a trail-blazer, and was passionate about beauty and the landscape around her. I also have chosen it because images of paths get me every time and this month is about a path. I love that the totems are dotted along the route. I hope that my own has such beautiful and obvious guideposts.

- decided that I will only set one intention: I will show up. I very very rarely finish one of these books. I get sidetracked and overwhelmed. So this month I will be gentle, but I will show up. Every day. No matter what. Even if what I write is crap or I am afraid or angry or bored or uncomfortable. I may not always be HERE (this blog.) But I will show up to the page.

Wish me luck! Join us if you like!

(I haven't made any art today. I spent the day clearing space for art - my month is officially beginning tomorrow!)


Serena said...

A beautiful painting....I can see why you feel inspired by it. I'm looking forward to sharing this soul journey with you. I've never participated in a book club at all, let alone one online, so this will be a new experience for me also.

Jamie said...

Megg, I am so glad that we're walking down this path together. And the beautiful Emily Carr painting makes the feeling all the more real, with its fall colours and welcoming archways.

You've chosen a powerful intention for this month. May all that you hope for show up to meet you.

big hugs,

Anonymous said...

that is a very beautiful and inspiring painting you have chosen. I can see why.

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing, and for being honest. Sometimes the very best thing we can do...and the hardest... is simply show up. So kudos to you for making that your intention!

I look forward to learning more about you on this journey together...

miss*R said...

hello Megg! I see you live in Devon.. my Pa was born there is 1910 although his family were from Cornwall.. so i have Cornish ancestry..

enjoy your journey this November.. it will be powerful, fun and you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself.. blessings to you for your journey.. (ps - love the art you have chosen, it is divine)

ELLIE said...

you sound like me - showing up is alot - I look forward to this month!

Sacred Suzie said...

I wish you much, much luck! And support. :)

Anonymous said...

hello sweet friend,

i am so inspired by your intention to show up. sometimes that is the hardest thing for me to do, too.


pen* said...

i so hear you! and i am hoping that my new commitment in perseverance will help me do exactly that!

i look forward to sharing this journey with you and watching it unfold.

Colleen said...

Good luck with the soul searching Meg! Hope your discovery was a good one. May you have the best November ever! xoxo

Gemma said...

The image with the guideposts is awesome. This is a powerful path we are on.

Leah said...

i love the painting you chose today. it's going to be a fantastic month! xox

daisies said...

emily carr is one of my favourite artists ... my son's too. i remember the first time we took him to victoria, all he wanted to do was go to the emily carr house :)

showing up is doing a lot ... xo

Sherrie St. Cyr said...


I, too, chose a "path of trees" as my image for today. Interesting to compare and contrast - much alike and yet completely different.

Aurora said...

oh! I love your intention--can I copy it? cuz i have this problem also--always start something like this with good intentions--then life intervenes..and I just don't finish--so showing UP! very good! thanks!

Katie said...

I am so with you. My only intention as well is to show up and follow through, the rest is up to my higher power. I wish you all of the best and congrats on your wedding! Be gentle and take care.

Melba said...

Showing Up is a big deal.
You can do it; after all that has transpired in October the wind is at your back.

danette said...

I too wish you luck! I feel such comfort in knowing we are all showing up to the page together, if not always online. Showing up is a powerful act.

bella said...

Wow, what a full month for you. So many happy occasions. I turned 34 in October too.
I think, with these kind of groups, going at your own pace and being gentle works best. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Amber said...

I will show up to watch you. If I hadn't decided to do some work already, i woudl join you in this. I do like this teacher so much.

But I love what you say about just showing up...Boy I need to write that down and put it where i see it all day. Just show up.

thanks love.


pERiWinKle said...

I'm giggling over here...cause showing up and being what people connect to.

Good luck! Know what I love about you? I always read your words with a smile...cause i can hear the humor in your voice, with your eyes smiling, but being totally serious! xx

Kirsten Michelle said...

i'm not sure how i missed that you were starting this BUT i'm feeling strongly that it's something i need to join you in.
i'd be behind, if it's possible to be behind when it comes to soul couching....

Jaime said... are focused, girl!

I think I need to show up here more often and soak up the incredible inspiration you offer.

I can't wait to see what November becomes for you.