Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Things

"Are you living your passion? are you following your dreams? If not, you have eight days to initiate powerful shifts in your life. Reinstate your intention - after all, miracles can happen in eight days."
Soul Coaching by Denise Linn

Giggle. What a message. I have eight days to shift things in my life! That's both a joy to read and a bit of pressure!!

Today is all about love and kindness, and being quiet about it. So I am not going to write much except to give you some links of love!

1. Go here every day. Every click on every site it links to provides something for someone in need. It is all paid for by advertising.

2. They need our help very very badly.

3. So do they. Go here to read all about it!

In other good news and an attitude of gratitude, I opened my email this morning to discover I had won a beautiful photograph at Kerstin's blog. I am so excited! Her photographs are stunning! I bet you can guess which one I chose! Thank you so much Kerstin!

and in more goodness:

Nicole offered to do a reading from her Soul Coaching deck for those of us participating in the program. I leaped at the chance. I am a sucker for cards and readings! I had a tarot reading by Jamie a while back and it was great!

I had to tell Nicole my name and pick a number. This is the reading she sent me. I love it!!


Card Meaning: Break free, express yourself, and let your spirit fly! Flaunt
your stuff, dance, laugh, explore, and go beyond predicable behaviour. Be
daring. Fling your arms to the heavens in joy.

Your Soul wants you to know: You aren't here to be ordinary, but to step
beyond limitations and self-imposed boundaries. Don't allow yourself to be
trapped by convention or the expectations of others. You have the ability
to choose your life on your terms. Replace the phrase "I should" with "I
could, but I choose not to at this time." Perhaps you aren't always free to
create the exact circumstances of your life - but you're certainly able to
decide what meaning to give those situations. Select meanings that empower
you, for this is the time to break free.

Affirmations: Boundless freedom surges through me.

This has so much power for me beyond the obvious as I deal with a major shift in my life. Boy there is a lot of energy around this morning! I hope I can keep up!



Caroline said...

How wonderful! So many great things coming your way. Thank you for posting such great links!

Now...go and break free :)

Serena said...

May positive energies keep building around you, Megg. Thanks for the links too. if you are interested in my giveaway in honour of today's lesson, visit this blog post and leave a comment -

love, light and peace,

Genie Sea said...

Break freeeeee! Weeeee!

Thank you megg for this awesome post and the amazing link to giveaways. I am passing it along to everyone I know. So much can be done with so little effort on our part each day! :)

Nicole said...

Wonderful post Megg. Blessings, Nicole x

Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful and way to go winning that photograph! Good luck is coming your way.

Leah said...

i love the light and energy in your post! have a beautiful day, megg! :-)

Kavindra said...

Thanks for the great links. I'm glad to see so much blessing coming your way.

Fatma said...

I love the abundance that come from you and to you! Thank you!

Jamie said...

I think that card was sending you some loving energy right back from the Universe! You are extraordinary and free!

tan!a said...

WOW! What a reading!

It's great to get such a message like this one, go and live it!

Nice that you won a photograph!