Thursday, November 27, 2008

Girls Rock.

"Remember, you are not here to play it safe. You are here to start fires."
- Sera Beak

Because these two gorgeous girls are in this world, and because my friend Karen has two girls and my friend Colleen has two girls and my friend Gerb has two girls, and because I take my job as fairy godmother to Helen very seriously, I wanted to share some good GIRL STUFF.

In the past few years I have been on a real journey towards being a girl. Yes, I said girl because I never really embraced girl before, and you really need to do that before you can make the leap to woman. I was very girlie when I was small, but then something happened (school and camp happened) and I thought that being independent was the same as being tough and full of attitude. There was no room in my life for pink and soft when there was so much beer drinking to do and attitude to give, and boys to torture with my stinging wit.

But in my old age I have come to realize that there is room for all of it. There is a place for gentle and nice and feminine and that doesn't have to be mutually exclusive of strong and fierce and independent. Being a girl means being complex and complicated and full of questions and fire and femininity. By coming to terms with those things and bringing them all together, we can step into our power as women.

And hopefully by doing that, we can show other girls the way.

Women showing the way:

1. Christine Kane. She is fierce and inspiring. This is her blog, and this is a fabulous song.

2. Patti Digh. She shows you how to live deliberately. This is her blog. Her book is amazing.

3. Sera Beak. She will make you think about the Universe. A lot.

4. Sahara. This is a beautiful idea!

5. Geneen Roth. If you have EVER gone on a diet or had a bad thought about your body, find Geneen. Her books are life changing, and she also has a blog!!

6. Sabrina Ward Harrison. Who showed a lot of us it could be different.

7. Goddess Leonie. She is incredible.

And good things that are happening in this world:

Rock Camp for Girls. (This site has music!) (Anybody want to go to Ladies Rock Camp with me?) I posted this ages ago, and sometimes I just go back to watch it again!

Karen Heck, Lyn Mikel Brown and Lynn Cole.


Women for Women International.

... have you got any women to recommend or links to send? I'd love to make this list grow and grow!!


chocolate covered musings said...

and yes, girls do rock!

Sacred Suzie said...

This absolutely rocks! I have long missed girlhood. I was a tomboy and didn't really experience it either. I love that you are striking a balance between the wonderful fierce wildness of women and our genteel side as well. I long for this as well.

Thank you also for all that amazing info about owls! I do seem to penetrate to people's truth when I meet them, fascinating. I hope that means the transformation will be a positive one. According to my cards it should!

dreamergirl said...

I loved this post and the links.
thanks for sharing!

p.s. I would like to add to the list :)

Genie Sea said...

Yes I recommend each and everyone of the women participating in Soul Coaching and their blogs! Talk about girl power!

Many of us have experienced the paradox of being independent and self-sufficient while embracing our sacred girlies :) Thank you for bringing this to light! Thank you for sharing those amazing blogs! :)

pen* said...

interestingly enough i feel i suffered a little from the opposite: too much pink and fluff and not enough substance, that now i am older and wiser, i am desperately trying to catch up. i stayed a girl, and i am so ready to grow into a woman now!! so thank you for sharing some empowering links. there is nothing like strong rockin' women leading by example to light that fire of inspiration. i've been on a hiatus, but i feel like i am coming alive again, and some of these links may be providing just the tonic xx

Brandi said...

isn't christine's song awesome!!

and oh my gosh, thank you for sharing sahara's story!!!

wonderful post.

enchantedartist said...

Love it! Love it all...funny I just came here from Brandi's blog after watching Christine's video...
and what a great kickass quote...:)


Vivienne said...

i so want to go to ladies rock camp with you!!!! i so wish!

and this list is wonderful! i'm super excited to explore geneen roth's website and books in particular...